Becoming a fundraiser is easy, fun and rewarding! This is your opportunity to invite family, friends, and co-workers to donate JDRF, the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. You will be surprised how many will join you in making a difference in the lives of those affected by T1D simply by asking. Fundraising is about sharing your passion to make a difference!

How to become a fundraiser…simple tips for success!

  • Register today and set a Fundraising Goal! Register today and get instant access to powerful fundraising tools to make your fundraising campaign a success. Then make sure you set a goal. Remember, you’re raising money for a cause you care about. Push yourself to raise more than you ever thought you could. Watch this short video to get started.
  • Make It Personal. People will donate because YOU are asking them to. Simple as that. Be sure to update your personal fundraising webpage with your story and why you are supporting JDRF. Share your passion with your friends, family, co-workers and other potential donors. It’s a critical part of your fundraising success.
  • Use Our Online Fundraising Tools. By officially registering online you will have access to your own personal fundraising Participant Center. Your Participant Center will help you manage your fundraising efforts and is an invaluable resource. It is also starting point for a Fundraise with Facebook campaign to help you really get the word out to your network of contacts.
  • Send emails and mail personal letters. Use a combination of emails and personal letters for your donation requests. Your online Participant Center allows you to email your donors and will return instant results, but sending a good old-fashioned hand written letter to certain donors shows a personal touch.
  • Follow Up. It’s very common for people to put things off. We all live busy lives. A little reminder never hurt anyone. Don’t hesitate to follow-up with a phone call or reminder email. People want to support you they just need to be asked.
  • Remember Your Inspiration. There’s a reason why you are supporting this cause. Make sure to bring that same energy to your fundraising efforts. The more personal you can make it the better!

Quick Start

Help us get closer to a cure! Watch these short videos to jump start your fundraising efforts.

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