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Team Lance-a-lot

I remember the day... it was December 1, 2008.  We had just gotten back from Thanksgiving holiday in Houston.  But something was not right with Lance.  We took him to the doctor, and almost on a whim, he checked his blood glucose level.  It was off the charts high.  Immediately we took him to the emergency room where he received the official diagnosis:  Lance had Type 1 Diabetes.

Lance's body does not produce insulin which is required to transfer the carbohydrates from the foods we eat into energy for our cells.  Hence, Lance must take regular insulin shots to receive the insulin he needs... one for every meal plus one before bed.  He must also constantly check his blood glucose levels and maintain a strict carb diet regimen.

I wanted to do something positive to help out Lance and the millions of other children that suffer from this disease.  I decided to ride in the JDRF Ride for a Cure and raise money towards treatments and potential cures for Type 1 Diabetes.  I am riding 100 miles (a century!) in Burlington, Vermont in mid-July.  This will be my fourth "tour" but the century ride never comes easy.  I have already been training to reach my goal of completing the course in under 6 hours and 15 minutes.  

If you are here, then you are just one step away from joining me on a Quest for a Cure to help fight this disease.  Thank you very much for the support.

Go Team Lance-a-lot