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Welcome to My Personal Page


Welcome to my fundraising page!  I want to thank you for your terrific support last year -  your donations, your encouragement and your concern for me because of the physical ailment with which I was diagnosed during training.  So WHY (you ask) would I be doing this again? 

Here's why:

  • To share, once again, the incredible experience of training with our daughter Lauren; working together to raise funds for JDRF; and most importantly, to experience again the excitement of the event weekend with all the wonderful participants and their families.
  • To raise money in support of the cutting edge research sponsored by JDRF including (a) the development of a totally closed-loop system to measure blood sugar levels and deliver insulin as needed to people with type 1 diabetes (b) the development of a type of insulin that will be able to read blood sugar levels and deliver insulin based upon these readings and (c) to develop other systems that will provide better control and ultimately eliminate the impact of this disease forever.
  • To improve my physical conditioning and training.

Before asking for your support, a brief update on the health events of the past year. Shortly before the Ride, I experienced a number of unexplained blood abnormalities and fatigue. Despite the blood issues, I was able to complete 73 miles of the Ride thanks to superb team training and a blood transfusion authorized by my oncologist. Since then, my condition was diagnosed as Myelo Dysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a pre-leukemia requiring chemotherapy seven days of each month. After six months, the treatments began to work which eliminated the need for blood transfusions but will require continued treatments for the foreseeable future.

So, now that you are up to date, I am pleased to say that I am feeling well enough to train for the Ride and hope to exceed the mileage I covered last year. I also would like to raise more than the $24,000 that YOU so generously contributed last year. I hope I can count on your support to help me with this endeavor.     

To make a contribution, click on the "Donate to Ron" button on the right.

FYI: Lauren and I were delighted to be featured in several publications highlighting the Ride to Cure Diabetes - to view these articles click here.

So, in advance of your support, my heartfelt thanks!