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2012 Ride to Cure Diabetes

This July I will be participating in the JDRF ride to cure diabetes, a 100-mile bike ride to raise both money and awareness for Juvenile diabetes. This is a great opportunity to help fund research that improves the quality of life for people with diabetes everywhere, as well as research to cure the disease once and for all.

A little bit about the organization that I believe in and hope that you will support:

JDRF is a charitable organization, largely composed of a volunteer staff, whose focus is to conquer diabetes. This means that they are fully committed to finding the root cause of Juvenile diabetes and curing it. Last year they spent $34.8 million dollars on research that helps the current generation of diabetics, as well as an additional $57.3 million to try and prevent any future generations from developing diabetes. With over 80% of all money raised going directly into research projects, JDRF is the leading global organization focused on Juvenile diabetes research. Since their start in 1970, they funded over $1.6 billion dollars worth of research, and it is through events like this and donations like yours that they were able to fund a total of $116 million worth of research in 2011.

I am not a bike rider, and I have never done anything close to this before. However, I am more than willing to try and I need your support to make this a successful ride.  Any donation is appreciated, as part of the reason for this ride is to raise awareness for the disease. I also ask that you take a moment and think if you know any other people with diabetes, any friends or family, and just consider the impact of a disease that affects 8% of the US population.  Together we do make a difference, and the progress made by JDRF (a mostly volunteer organization) is proof of this.


Thank you for your support!