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Join TEAM EMILY in turning Type One into Type None!

Emily with the new pump!
    My name is Emily Drew.  I am 11 1/2 years old.  When I was 10 1/2 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
    I had noticed about 3 weeks before being diagnosed I just could not quench my thirst. A few days before I had gotten sick my little sister had been ill, so when I started vomiting my parents just thought I had caught the illness from her. I had continuous vomiting for 30 hours straight even after taking adult nause/vomiting medication.  This all started Wed morning and on Friday 4/12/13, I woke up thinking maybe I was feeling better, but soon I started experiencing right side abdominal pain (that kept getting worse).
    I just wanted to get to the doctor!
    My mom called the doctor's office as soon as they opened and they got me in the first appointment of the morning.  We saw the doctor he had a few things in mind what might be going on, one being diabetes.  He sent us straight to the hospital from the office. We were at the hospital less than 15 minutes when they ran a sugar and the machine read chronically high. ( my mom knew right away and so did I what this meant, my dad just kept asking what does that mean). The doctor came to the hospital immediately and talked to my parents and let them know  -- I was really sick. 
    He informed us that I would be transferred to a larger hospital by ambulance. We soon were transferred to Rockford hospital to the PEDS ICU unit for 24 hours then on the PEDs floor for 3 more days. My parents and I were taught a ton of education everyday while in the hospital I had to take 4 to 6 shots a day and 6 finger pricks daily. It took me about a month to give the shots to myself.
    I was just recently put on a insulin pump on 5/27/14, which has already made life much easier. No more shots and we only have to change the pump site every 3 days .
    We just recently went to JDRF kids Day and they are doing beta cell transplants and other amazing research.
    My family and I would really appreciate your donation to such a great cause. Your donation will help with all future research to JDRF ( Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).
    My aunt Tracy Morgan is doing a 100 mile bike ride in Tucson, AZ in November in honor of me and we need to raise $3000.00.  Remember this goes to JDRF :)
    Thanks for taking the time to read my story and your donation means a lot!!
    Emily Drew





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