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Welcome to Becca Guiterman's Century Page!

As you probably know, I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was nine months old.  Although I am privileged  to receive adequate health care and diabetes supplies, diabetes nonetheless affects my life every moment of the day.  I draw blood to check my blood sugar ten times a day, and give myself at least six shots of insulin daily.  However, even with this advanced medical care, I can't control my blood sugar perfectly.  My blood sugar unexpectedly goes low, and then my vision blurs, I can't think clearly, and I get disoriented.  I'm one of the lucky ones; most people who have had diabetes as long as I have (23 years) have gone into a coma and been rushed to the ER because of low blood sugars. Sometimes my blood sugar goes too high.  Then I tend to zone out and feel very dizzy. But that's just the short-term.  In the long term, diabetes is hurting my eyes, my kidneys, my heart.   Blindness, kidney failure, strokes, heart attacks, and nerve damage are common complications from diabetes.  The only way to prevent these awful complications is to find a cure


And that is why I am riding 100 miles in one day.  To raise money to find a cure for diabetes.


Over the years, I have raised over $150,000 for diabetes research from friends and family by walking in the annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  This money has had a real impact.  In my lifetime I have benefited from some of the advances.  I remember using large, inaccurate blood check machines in elementary school that required a great deal of blood and took five minutes to give a reading.  Now, I use a small machine that requires a small drop of blood and only takes ten seconds per reading.  My insulin now allows me to eat when I want to; when I was in middle school I had to eat every three hours and always a pre-ordained number of carbohydrates.  Now I have more flexibility.  These small advances, however, are not enough.  I want to know that I won't have to suffer with the complications of diabetes.  I won't be satisfied until I am cured. 


This year, on July 14th, I am upping the intensity of my commitment, and I am bike riding a Century - 100 miles! - in the Ride to Cure Diabetes in Burlington, Vermont.   My boyfriend, uber-biker and two-time Century finisher, Dan Marasco, will also be training and riding with me.


I hope that you will support my fundraising efforts.  Anything you can donate will help us find a cure for diabetes.


Many, many thanks.