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Finding a Cure - Preventing Zombie Bait

Mak With Rufus

    As most of you know, Zombies are coming. It will cause the world as we know it to change. Economies will fall, our industries will collapse and we will be left to fend for our survival.  As a Type 1 Diabetic, my daughter Makenna, NEEDS insulin to live.  The zombies will make this a challenge.

    Makenna was diagnoised with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 8 months old. She is now 16. And dealing with this every day is a pain!!

    T1D (type 1 diabetes) is an autoimmune disease where the pancreas stops producing insulin. It then requires constant checking of blood glucose levels, by pricking your finger for a blood test. Makenna has been doing this 10 times a day for over 15 years. That is almost 60,000 times. It also requires managing the blood glucose levels by monitoring what foods are eaten, and giving injections of insulin. She is using an Insulin Pump now, but those that are not, have 3-7 injections a day. Before being on the pump, she had over 20,000 insulin injections.

    More details about T1D to read if you would like;


    When the Zombies come, the supply of insulin will dry up.  With the supply we have on hand, and scrounging every burned down pharmacy for their supply, we are still looking at a short time of Makenna being able to survive with us.  At some point we will run out of insulin and Makenna will simply become a liability. Her mother and I will be forced to use her as Zombie Bait to help us escape the undead hordes.  It is a tough decision, but what choice do we have??


    Simply put, Makenna is Zombie Bait unless we find a cure before the Zombie Apocalypse.  You can help JDRF fund this critical research by supporting me on the Ride to Cure Diabetes. We are doing two rides this year, La Crosse, Wisconsin (August 16th) and Death Valley, California (October 18th).  My goal is to raise a total of $2,000 at each event. Not just me, but Makenna too, so that is $8,000 total we need to raise.

    The money you donate will help get us closer to a cure that will change millions of lives (even if the Zombies do not come).

    To support me, please click the DONATE button above. To donate to Makenna because you think I am a jerk for suggesting she is Zombie Bait, click the link below (or copy and paste in your browser).

    Makenna’s Link;

    Brad Missal


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