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Donate to fight the dark side of Type 1 Diabetes! It's a long story...

In Memory of Scott McManus

    Welcome to my JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes Page!

    Most likely, you've visited my JDRF fundraising page before.  My first ride with JDRF was 100 miles in Whitefish Montana in 2007.  If you are one of those loving and generous people who have supported my Son Evan's battle with Type 1, me and my family are forever indebted to you.  If you are visiting to make a donation for the first time be forwarned that I will never stop asking you to donate to the JDRF Ride to Cure because Type 1 Diabetes doesn't quit and neither can I until a cure is found. 

    Normally I post a picture of me and Evan so you can see who your donation is helping.  He's handsome, smart and you would never know his pancreas is totally useless by his appearance.  His lifeline is monitoring his blood sugar by tesing his blood 4-5 times a day and balancing his food intake and physical movement with insulin injections.  Insulin is not the cure, it is the only way he can stay alive until there is a cure.

    This year, I have posted a picture that motivates me more than anything I have ever experienced as a parent of a young man with Type 1 Diabetes.  In October 2008 on my second ride with JDRF I chose to ride in the most extreme cycling environment of Death Valley CA, 105 miles in 110+ degree temps.  And while I only completed 66 miles with painful muscle cramps, this ride more than any other changed my outlook on life and Type 1 Diabetes.

    Many riders display photos of who they ride for on their bikes, pinned to their jersey or sometimes written on their leg calf.  On the course or at rest stops I would take a moment to talk to the riders who had these photos and small signs and ask them about their reason for riding.  Cute pictures of young children smiling with braces or missing teeth, some of older teens or even adults all of whom had Type 1.  Often, I shared my story of Evan's diagnosis and it was therapeutic, empowering and inspiring.  It motivated me to ride harder and think about how I could raise more money for a cure again next year.

    Then, at one of the rest stops I met Tom and Nancy McManus.  I notice the sign pinned on Nancy's jersey and I asked her to turn around and let me see their reason for riding.  With a smile on my face, eager to read about their motivation I saw their son Scott McManus, handsome, young and healthy looking just like my Evan and so many others.  I was not prepared for the words I read next to his photo because it was so different from all the others.  I cried, sobbed actually and I am crying now as I write this.

    "In Memory of Scott McManus"...those words didn't register with me.  "Born October 31, 1981"  I am thinking wow he was a halloween baby.  "Diagnosed July 8 1992"  I do the math, he was 11 and I compared it to Evan being diagnosed at 12.  "Died July 3, 2000"  What? Oh my God!  How can this be?  Scott died?  Your son lost his life?  When i finished shaking and sobbing, with a dumbfound expression I asked Nancy why she was still riding to raise money for a cure 8 years after Scott lost his life.  Why was she still riding her bike in one of the earth's most challenging, hot environments, it's no Sunday ride that's for sure.

     "Tom and I are riding so this won't happen to your son."

    Add 6 more rides in 6 years and Tom and Nancy still raise money for research, they still train for one of the most challenging cycling events there is, they still fight on so others will live and hopefully experience a cure to Type 1 Diabetes.  14 years later they still believe in the Mission of JDRF to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. Tom & Nancy have my love and respect and in my eyes they are heroes.

    Tom and Nancy lost their son Scott and they continue to ride and raise money for research.  They and many others who ride in a loved one's memory don't want the rest of us to know the pain and sorrow they know.  How unselfish and loving can someone be?

    So please donate to the JDRF Ride to Cure because I will not stop asking for your help and I will not stop riding to bring an end to T1D.  Every dollar donated brings more light to the dark side and saves another life.

    Thank you!



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