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Upping the Ante: 200 miles of Riding to Cure: Join me by donating!

I ride for my amazing daughter.
Here's the look we call "BIKEFACE!"

    For me, it was the Facebook status update to beat all Facebook status updates. Let me share:


    Lauren Stanford

    January 15

    Happy to announce that after many years of struggling with my diabetes care, that at my appointment today my lab results finally came back exactly where I want them to be! Yahooooooo! #cheerstothat


    That was Lauren’s posting, and to no surprise, hundreds of friends and family “liked” it. Me? I searched high and low for the buttons I wanted to push. The Love it. The Savor it. The Celebrate it. The Totally Get How Hard That Was. Because really, what Lauren was announcing came only with grit, determination, hard work, compromise and yes, pure guts.


    Kind of like a 100-mile bike ride. Times a billion. As I thought about all she’d been through (now going on 17 years living with T1D), I realized that like her, I had to find a way to dig even deeper. I’ve chaired walk teams for decades and come out on top. I did my first ride in Death Valley two years ago and my first complete ride along the Mississippi River this past summer. Each and every step, each and every pedal stroke, my friends and family (and some folks I’ve never even met before) have supported me by donating. That’s not easy for them. Money takes hard work to earn, and I respect and celebrate each and every donation. I know I have to dig even deeper to earn support for a better future for Lauren and all with Type 1 diabetes. But I also know it’s so worth the effort. Because while Lauren is celebrating that status now, every day with diabetes brings a new challenge. There’s no remission; no break. There’s never a time she can say “okay, now I’m good. Hard work over.” It’s a battle every day, but being the strong young adult she is, she’s facing it and doing it. I have to do the same – and more.


    That’s why this year, I’m doubling up. Two rides. Two locations. Two hundred long, grueling, challenging miles. That’s how far I’ll be pedaling this year in the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes. I’ll do my first 100 along the Mississippi River where, last year, I was honored to be named the “Promise Rose Rider” thanks to all your support. My second 100 will happen where I have some unfinished business: Death Valley.


    That’s right. I’m going back and finishing what I could not last time. Or at least I’m trying to. I’m so humbled by Lauren’s long, hard journey to good health with her diabetes. It is never, ever, not even for a short mile, easy for her. So if some miles are not easy for me, I’m going to power through. Fueled by your donations to JDRF (who funds the best research for Lauren’s future) and by my pride in her, I’m going to rock those 200 miles.


    Please join me with a donation. I know I ask a lot; please know I work hard for every dollar raised. And please know your donation truly is changing the future not just for Lauren, but for all. PREVENTION means some day soon there will be no new diagnoses and no more complications. RESTORATION means some day people like Lauren will have functioning beta cells again (a cure!). TREATMENT means that soon -- very soon! -- Lauren's daily battle to survive will be simpler. All thanks to you. Click below. And follow my journey toward the 200 miles of riding. Together, we will be known as the people who cured not just Lauren, but all.


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