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Burlington, VT
July 24 - 27, 2014
La Crosse
La Crosse, WI
August 14 - 17, 2014
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, CA
September 5 - 8, 2014
Death Valley
Death Valley, CA
October, 16 - 19, 2014
Greenville, SC Hincapie Gran Fondo Ride
October 23 - 26, 2014
Nashville, TN
October 30 - November 2, 2014
Tucson, AZ
November 20 - 23, 2014
Burlington, VT

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Riding all over Type 1 Diabetes - Support me in my efforts to Ride to Cure in 2014 in Burlington, Vermont (July 26th) and Lake Tahoe, CA (September 7th) :-)

100-Miles to help Cure Type 1 Diabetes!
100-Miles to help Cure Type 1 Diabetes !

    Riding Diabetes into the Ground:

    Support JDRF and join me in the 2014 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in Burlington, VT and Lake Tahoe, CA.

    As you may know, I live with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). In 2013, I joined up with thousands who supported JDRF and their efforts to continue to conduct research working towards finding a cure for T1D.  Many of you too supported my efforts and helped me raise money to support JDRF and accomplish my 1st JDRF 100-mile Ride to Cure Diabetes in Burlington, VT. 

    Last year was a great year for JDRF and for all living with Type 1 Diabetes.  In 2013, thanks to the support of so many family, friends and other generous supports, I was able to ride my first JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes Century Ride.  I signed up in February and then focused my efforts on fundraising and training for the Vermont Ride.  As the Burlington, Vermont Ride to Cure Diabetes approached, I had raised over $6,100 for JDRF research going to help find a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  I had trained with over 2,000 miles ridden in advance of that ride and thanks to all those who supported me was able to accomplish my goal of riding a Century Ride in Vermont and raising funds that are going to fund much needed research to help JDRF scientists continue to make new findings that will help put an end to T1D.  

    Oh yes I forget to mention, on top of all the fundraising and training, I too have a special link which makes these rides and the research that folks like JDRF are doing important.  I live with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), I have had it for over 18-years now and continue to try to really think hard about the choices I make when I eat each day, the insulin I dial up in my insulin pump after each meal and for those blood sugar corrections each day.  In 2013, I was helped and encouraged by so many, and I accomplished the ride with flying colors, and alongside the hundreds of riders riding with similar personal or family connections to T1D.  

    Here are a couple of statistics from 2013:

    • Burlington, VT ride raised over $633,000 for JDRF research efforts,
    • Burlington, VT ride – all of your donations helped raise over $6,100,
    • “  “ – 102.5 miles on the bike on July 27, 2013,
    • “  “ – Avg. riding speed 15.2 mph, 6.5 hrs+ on the bike,
    • “  “ – More than 170 riders (> 30 like me riding with T1D)
    • “  “ – 2,000+ miles ridden training for the VT JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes.

    In 2014, I am setting my sights higher, I have signed up for two (2) JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes Rides.  I will once again be riding in Burlington, Vermont for that Century Ride on July 26th, and also in Lake Tahoe, at elevation, on September 7th.  Two rides, traveling and riding with others to help raise money and awareness and ultimately help JDRF find a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  

    As someone who lives with T1D, it can be difficult and even life threatening.  It affects both those of us who have it as well as our family and friends who we love and who love us.  T1D is sometimes silent, because I work hard to mange and stay on it; only those who really know me even realize it.  It requires constant thinking, calculating and taking responsibility for my actions.  Do I or others living with it have a choice? No because it is something we live with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and for me almost 18 years now.  It never goes away, but even though it is challenging it doesn't change who I am, the wonderful family and friends in my life.  I stay positive and strong and think about the day a Cure for T1D is found.

    • Burlington, VT JDRF Ride – 100-miles+ (lots of hill climbs, lots of great VT countryside along farm fields, towns, wetlands, Lake Champlain, etc.),
    • “  “ – Hundreds of riders riding for a Cure to T1D,
    • “  “ – July 27, 2014
    • Lake Tahoe, CA JDRF Ride – 80-miles+/- (b/n elevations 6,000-7,300 above sea level, with at least one 1,000ft climb, etc.),
    • “   “ – Hundreds of riders riding for a Cure to T1D,
    • “   “ – September 7, 2014


    JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes – Thanks to you!

    • JDRF scientists discovered a new molecule that promotes beta cell regeneration,
    • JDRF research revealed that continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) improves blood sugar control,
    • JDRF fundraising provided new evidence for the role of gut microbes in the development of T1D,
    • JDRF researchers are testing the use of other drugs with insulin improve to T1D management,
    • JDRF provided over $100 million in new T1D research last year,
    • JDRF spurred the creation of new concepts for making insulin responsive to blood sugar levels, and
    • JDRF launched a study to improve the care of pregnant women with T1D.


    My Diabetes History:

    When I was 22-years old, I was diagnosed with the disease.

    When I was diagnosed I was in graduate school.  I had returned from a service trip to Panama early that year, and then in late February got sick.  I thought it was just a bad cold, but looking back, one after the other I got all the tell tale symptoms of diabetes in less than 2-weeks time.  After getting back on track, I realized that I needed to focus a lot of daily attention to managing my diabetes and being vigilant to eat healthy, eat balanced - easier said then done, workout regularly and generally stay active, and even more importantly keep a positive attitude.  In the back of my mind I always try to be on top of it and not let it control me, I have had my bumps in the road, but if anyone living with diabetes said anything different they would be lying.  It isn't easy and I would like to just eat food sometimes without having to think about what it is and how much insulin I need to take to control the potential blood sugar rise, and other times I would like to go to bed, but need to stay up later to ensure a low blood sugar is back to normal before I go to sleep.  I keep positive that the words of my first Endocrinologist I saw upon my diagnosis hold true "your life has changed and from here on out you have to be responsible for your actions to stay healthy until the day when a Cure for T1D is found.  That day will come in your lifetime so it is your job to take care to keep yourself healthy” I stay positive that some of the research currently being done will ultimately lead to a cure in the upcoming years.  Either way, I am now working on my bike trainer until spring, with a 20-week program to log a lot of weekly miles and prepare for the Rides to Cure Diabetes in Vermont and Lake Tahoe this summer.

    I am determined to do everything I can to fund research to cure, treat, and prevent T1D.  I will be participating in JDRF’s Ride to Cure, taking place on 07/26/2014 in Burlington, Vermont, and Lake Tahoe, CA on 09/07/2014, and I'm writing to ask for your support. Now more than ever, you can make a real difference in my life and the lives of all people with T1D. Please support me with a donation. It’s simple, fast and fun! Please visit my personal page to get started.

    Your donation and fundraising will go to JDRF, the leading global organization focused on T1D research. Driven by passionate, grassroots volunteers connected to children, adolescents, and adults with this disease, JDRF is the largest charitable supporter of T1D research. The goal of JDRF is to improve the lives of every person affected by T1D by accelerating progress on the most promising opportunities for curing, better treating, and preventing T1D. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. Type 1 diabetes strikes people at any age. It comes on suddenly, causes dependence on injected or pumped insulin for life, and carries the constant threat of devastating complications. JDRF will not rest until T1D is fully conquered, and I encourage you to read about some of the most recent advances.

    Please know that more than 80 percent of JDRF’s expenditures directly support research and research-related education. Past JDRF research efforts have helped to significantly improve the care of people with this disease, and have expanded the critical scientific understanding of T1D. JDRF will not rest until T1D is fully conquered.

    I am asking for your support and donation to JDRF for my upcoming 100-mile Ride(s) to Cure Diabetes.  You may not be there with me and the hundreds of others who will be participating on the roads of Burlington, Vermont and Lake Tahoe, California, but by giving your support and a donation to JDRF, you too can help me complete my goal of completing 100/80-miles in riding to make a difference for millions of people living with T1D, and the JDRF in finding a Cure for T1D.

    I greatly appreciate your consideration and support of this worthy cause. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can also logon to the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes website and check my webpage or you will also receive my Facebook updates on my training as I prepare for the 2014 big rides.

    Thank you for your support!


    Stephen Burgo


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