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Burlington, VT
July 24 - 27, 2014
La Crosse
La Crosse, WI
August 14 - 17, 2014
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, CA
September 5 - 8, 2014
Death Valley
Death Valley, CA
October, 16 - 19, 2014
Greenville, SC Hincapie Gran Fondo Ride
October 23 - 26, 2014
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Nashville, TN
October 30 - November 2, 2014
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Tucson, AZ
November 20 - 23, 2014
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Tucson, AZ

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I ride for...

Marlowe on the left and our family
Marlowe was diagnosed at age 5

    - My daughter Marlowe who was diagnosed at age five.

    - My wife and BFF who sometimes stays up through the night to keep watch over Marlowe's blood sugar and is constantly tweaking and managing her pump.

    - for Devon, Sara, Karen, Josh, Jewels and her daughter, Max, Lauren and everyone afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes

    - All the loved ones who care for them.

    I ride for the often unseen and misunderstood T1D nation.  I have never met such a strong, determined and caring group of individuals.

    This year I'm proud to ride as the local coach for JDRF to help support the fellow riders who fund raise for this incredible organization.  The money that we raise for JDRF goes to ground breaking research that directly improves the lives of those who struggle with the constant battle to maintain their blood sugar.  It also funds research that will hopefully lead to a cure. 

    No more pricks of little toes in the middle of the night, frightening lows, sickening highs, body parts scarred with healing infusion sites or manually attempting to emulate a pancreas with a pump or a syringe. 

    Let's turn Type One in to Type NONE!

    Thank you for your help and support.


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