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Melinda's Personal Page


Join me in turning Type One into Type None!

Training in progress!
It was an honor to ride with Novo rider Chryssa!







    Welcome to my JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes Page!  

    I am a firm believer in the phrase, "I have diabetes. Diabetes does not have me." But in all reality, if you want to get through a normal day, diabetes comes first.  If it's not under near perfect control, it quickly reminds you.  Now matter how well managed, diabetes finds a way to rear its ugly head.  Go a little too long without eating, or don't eat just enough to cover your activity for the day, and here it comes to remind you; diabetes, as much as you don't want it to, runs the show.  

    Often, I remember my days based on what my "diabetes did" that day.  A friend asks, "Do you remember the day when we..."  I struggle to recall, then I realize, "Oh, wait.  Was the the same day I slept through a pump alarm, and I woke up with an unusually high blood sugar?" Or, "Was that the day I was exhausted because I had been awakened by a low blood sugar of 42 at 3 am?"  

    One month out from my diagnosis, I became involved in my first diabetes activity.  Diabetes camp.  A place to be amongst others who share the daily struggle and fear diabetes can bring.  Since then, my desire has only built to find a cure through fundraising with organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  Often, I feel selfish asking for donations to cure diabetes.  After all, if you don't have diabetes, or are not familiar with it, why should you help?  

    Four years ago, I found out I would become a mother.  Although, I am the world's most prideful mother (like every other mother out there), one of my first reactions was guilt and fear.  What if this innocent child gets this disease?  I can vividly recall the hurt in my parents and brothers eyes when I finally "come around" after a hypoglycemic seizure.  Often, I imagine having to experience that from a parent's standpoint.  I cannot imagine watching my child experience such a violent and complicated disease.  

    I am now duly committed to ridding this disease from its heinous existence.  Now, more than ever, I desire to see the day Type One becomes Type None. And I want to be a part of that cure. The JDRF and it's partners have made major strides in this competition.  I call it a competition because I pray the JDRF can find and bring the cure into existence before more innocent children, like my son, affected.  

    I have diabetes.  I am okay with that.  After 22 years, I have had plenty of time to mold this disease to my life.  With years of practice, I know I will be okay.  It's inevitable that it will catch up to me, as most Type 1's are diagnosed at grade school age.  If we are blessed enough to live to our 80's, we are bound to have some sort of complication.  But with the advances the JDRF has made, we may not have to face that future.  That future would be free of fear that the next generation would be plagued with diabetes.

    With your help, the JDRF will continue to fund promising research.  Promising devices like the artificial pancreas, and, God willing, a cure.  A cure and prevention for our undiagnosed children.  Innocents who can have a great chance of not having to know what it's like to prick their finger 10 times a day, multiple daily injections of insulin, people trying to tell them "You can't" because they have diabetes. In most cases, these people are wrong, but it is an inevitable thing heard by people with diabetes everyday.  Although those of us living with it know it's not true, it still takes a toll overtime.  JDRF is working every day to change this. And every dollar I raise helps them continue to bring life-changing therapies from the lab to those struggling with the disease every day until the day a cure is found. 

    Even if you do not choose to make a donation today, I hope you have gained some insight.  Please, check back to view my fundraising progress as my Ride weekend (Sept 6-7) approaches. Or follow me on my Facebook page "Raffling for a Cure." Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your support!



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