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Pedaling 100 miles for Ethan Macksam & Curing T1D


    Many of you know Robert or Kristine Macksam, but you may not know about their son Ethan.  This year Robert will participate in a 100 mile bicycle ride to support Ethan and others with Type 1 Diabetes, but Robert needs to raise $3000 by August to do it.  The following is their family's Type 1 Diabetes story.

    Do you remember New Years Eve? 

    The Macksam family does. It was a mix of being separated, being scared, and being hospitalized.

    For most people New Years Eve is having fun with family and friends. The Macksam family was separated because their son Ethan was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Everyone was scared for Ethan as Type 1 Diabetes is undeserved, unexpected, and takes lives.

    How is Type 1 Diabetes different?

    Type 1 Diabetes is different than the more common Type 2. Type 1 is genetic and affects kids in otherwise perfect health whereas Type 2 is lifestyle induced. Type 1 is an immune system disease where your body attacks your own pancreas - the producer of insulin. The only way food (blood sugar) is available to the body is with insulin. No insulin and your body literally starves and dies.

    How important is donating to this ride?

    Ethan must prick himself (ouch!) 5 or more times every day to test his blood sugar.  He must also have insulin shots every meal EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE as there is currently no cure, no surgery, no other option. Failing to precisely control blood sugar leads to amputations, stroke, coma, and even death.  Even going to sleep at night carries the risk of not waking up again.  This is a heavy burden for anyone, especially an innocent child.  For every dollar given to JDRF 80% goes direct to treatment research, making living with this disease less painful and less filled with health-threatening complications.

    How do I help?

    Robert has been hard at work training and fundraising, and your gift today will propel him toward the finish line.  To make a donation click the BLUE DONATE BUTTON at the top of this page or come back later to this webpage via the following address:







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