Join me in the fight to create a world without type 1 diabetes!

Welcome to my personal Team JDRF to Cure Diabetes fundraising page!

Hello, My Name is Olivia Brown

You might know me from living in your neighborhood… But the real question is: Do you actually know who I really am? You would probably describe me as an 11-year old girl, living in Jaegerglen.  Sure, that lets you peek into my life a little bit… but in this story I am going to let you have a full view into my type 1 diabetic filled life…  

I was born in June 2002. My whole family (Isabella, Scott, and Cindy) thought that my life was going to be splendid; and nothing was going to go wrong.  They all thought: “How in the world could she possibly get diabetes, nobody in our family has this?!”   The doctors simply explained that I have a different type of diabetes (type 1 diabetes.) Type 1 diabetes is a disorder in which your pancreases stops producing insulin… so before you get all crazy, I have a type of diabetes that is NOT from eating wrong or not working out, it’s an autoimmune disease.   The first couple of years my parents (Scott and Cindy) took 100% care of me and my diabetes.   At about age 2, I began to learn and attempt to take care of myself, when I was in Pre-K thru 4th grade I went to the clinic at school to test my blood sugars and give insulin.   Now I do it on my own, in the classroom.  I usually check my blood sugars in 3rd period, 5th period, and 7th period.  My AIC has been running way to high lately (over 7.0) the normal AIC average of a non-diabetic is 5.0-6.0. I have been struggling with this disease (type 1 diabetes) for 10 years now; I have at least 5,000 pricks in my fingers from checking my blood sugar, and a ton of heart-ache.   

Once again, this year my mom (Cindy) is running the Disney Marathon (26.2 miles) to raise money for a cure to my disease.  Thank you so much for reading my story and donating (optional)!   If you would like to ask me any questions or donate any money (optional), our address is 5955 Jaegerglen or call me @ 813-315-9258.  You can donate online at or by check payable to JDRF.

We are trying to reach a goal of $2,750 for a cure this year.



Sincerely, Olivia Brown  :D