Going Dopey for Team JDRF

About 2 years ago our nephew, Carson (son of Kim's brother, Kerry) was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He had been struggling with health problems for a couple years until they found the cause when he was 3 years old.

Recently Kim and I learned firsthand what it is like to care for a child with T1D. We had the opportunity to take care of Carson while his parents took a weekend trip. At first we were overwhelmed by all the details you need to watch: don’t let his blood sugar get too high, if it gets over 280 check his ketones, if his blood level gets too low he might pass out, give him some sugar, but make sure you enter the carbs in his pump, etc. All this seemed a bit much, especially since a 5 year old can’t tell you when he thinks his blood sugar is low or high. I have to admit, the first night was hard for me, I had trouble sleeping.

We listened for the Dexcom alarm and panicked when it was really high, but relieved (then frustrated with the Dexcom) when we checked his blood and found it was pretty normal. In the end we took it all in stride, Kim was really on top of everything and was a responsible “mom”.  By the end of the visit we learned a lot: don’t panic, but pay attention. The visit ended the same way they usually do, tears were shed by cousins saying good bye for now, but Kim and I gained a new empathy for what Mandy and Kerry go through on a day to day basis. This is a really tough disease to live with and no kid should have to go through all that.

I have been running marathons for a couple years now, but thought I could do it to make a difference. This year I decided to run for a cause that is close to my family. If you think there are others who may be interested in helping out please share this info. Any amount, no matter how small will help with the effort. The money I raise will help JDRF fund critical research to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people's lives until no one has to fear developing the disease.

Type 1 diabetes is a life-threatening autoimmune disease in which a person's pancreas stops producing insulin—a hormone essential to the ability to get energy from food. It strikes both children and adults suddenly and changes life as they know it forever. It cannot be prevented and there is no cure.

JDRF is the largest nongovernmental funder of T1D research and the only global organization with a strategic research plan to fight T1D. This science is complex and costly, and every dollar JDRF is able to direct toward research comes from donors like you.

Please support me and donate to my fundraising campaign. Your gift will make a difference for millions of people affected by this devastating, life-threatening disease. Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as possible today?

Thank you for your support!