Join me in the fight to create a world without type 1 diabetes!

“You have Type 1 Diabetes,” five words that in an instant will inevitably change your life as well as those of everyone around you.  For Cole Gibson, that happened on November 17, 2010.   In the almost three years since his diagnosis, Cole and his family haven’t lived a day without that thought always being present.  Cole is the oldest son of my very close friend, Julie.  And since that day I have watched the Gibson Family triumphantly celebrate successes and at times, gracefully stumble due to a setback.

I’d always considered myself somewhat knowledgeable about diabetes, given my career in pharmaceuticals, but after Cole’s diagnosis I realized just how much I didn’t know.  The lesson that T1D is life changing but doesn’t have to be life limiting is what I have learned from Cole and his family.  Every aspect of his life is planned from meals, to activities, to testing blood sugar, to covering his food with insulin.  Every decision a difficult one, like is an insulin pump the right choice, should he participate in a clinical trial, or what happens if he gets the flu? At diagnosis, Cole was 14 and there was a major learning curve for everyone. But day by day they learned a little bit more and got one step closer to managing the daunting task of living with T1D. But their journey isn’t over, it’s evolving. And because of that, this amazing family has quite literally inspired me to move, run in fact. So on January 11, 2014 I will make my way, one step at a time, on a very personal 13.1 mile journey to honor Cole Gibson and those dealing directly with T1D. No one asks for this disease, but how you choose to handle it is what really matters. I hope that you will choose to help me contribute in my small way to finding a cure because funding is so critical.  Please donate to my run for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Thank you for your support!