Fighting type 1 diabetes, 1 mile at a time!

Friends and Family,

As most of you already know, my nephew Hunter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on January 31, 2008 at the age of 6. Every day since then, he has had to live with the disease. He has to check his blood sugar at least 8 times per day, counts his carb intake daily, and has to give himself insulin every time he eats. It is a constant balancing act between his activity, food, and insulin intake. 

Despite having to deal with this, Hunter lives life as a normal pre-teen. He loves snowboarding, rock climbing and playing the trombone. I am running the inaugural Dopey Challenge at Disney World in January 2014 to help fight Type 1 Diabetes. The Dopey Challenge is a 4 day event consisting of a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon - 48.6 miles total! I hope that running these miles will help to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes is a life-threatening autoimmune disease in which a person's pancreas stops producing insulin—a hormone essential to the ability to get energy from food. It strikes both children and adults suddenly and changes life as they know it forever. It cannot be prevented and there is no cure.

JDRF is the largest nongovernmental funder of T1D research and the only global organization with a strategic research plan to fight T1D. I understand that many of you already support various worthy causes, but I am hoping that you might consider helping to support me in my effort to help Hunter and the many others that suffer from T1D. Your gift will make a difference for millions of people affected by this devastating, life-threatening disease. 

Thank you for your support!