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Dear Friends & Family,

A lot of you have known JC and/or I since our childhood, others may only have met us pretty recently. Either way, you all have probably seen how having diabetes affects our daily lives, or at the very least have heard the great story about how JC and I met (thank you Medtronics Minimed!) Depending on how long you have known us, you have probably also seen the difference research has made in our lives, from the huge blood glucose monitors and weird contraptions we used to take shots with, to the insulin pump, sensors and small monitors you can barely notice in my purse that JC and I both use today.

I can honestly say that my motivation for funding diabetes research is not for myself or even JC. We've learnt to live with it from an early age. But since we were first diagnosed, it has become an even bigger epidemic in the world. And unfortunately, both JC and I obviously carry the genes for the autoimmune disorder. That means that we have even more of a reason to wish for a cure in the future. Our hope is that there is a vaccination or a cure for the next generation, for all of our friends and familie's born and unborn children =)

Having personally worked at JDRF a couple of years ago, and from the progress I've experienced first hand in how much more 'comfortable' life with Diabetes is now, I can honestly say that the research being done by JDRF actually does make a difference. So please, join our team for this year's Walk on Sunday, November 3rd at UC Irvine. If you absolutely can't stand to get up in the morning, then join as a virtual walker, or donate whatever you can to help us support the research being done for Juvenile Diabetes. Words can't explain how your support makes us feel, and how much it really does help.

Thank you for your support, whatever form that may be in =)

Saira & JC Gallo


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Date and time

November 3, 2013
Check-in: Walk: 9:00 AM
Starts: Walk: 10:00 AM
Run: 8:00 AM
Length of walk: 5K


University of California, Irvine
4242 Campus Drive
Irvine, CA



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Orange County Chapter
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