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Join me in the fight to cure, better treat and prevent type 1 diabetes!

Welcome to my personal JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes fundraising page!  I'll be taking part in this year’s Walk to raise funds to improve the lives of all people affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D).  This is the third year I have lived with T1D, and it will be my second JDRF walk.  I will be walking with Team Waterleaf, and I am so grateful for the support and encouragement of my work family!

On August 9, 2011, I was diagnosed with T1D and my life was changed forever. I now check my blood sugar many times each day. I also have to wear an insulin pump which serves as my life support.  In the past year, I received the new, improved OmniPod insulin pump system.  I also began using a Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitor. These tools help me manage my disease, and I am very grateful to have access to the best technology available.  However, this means that I must wear two medical devices attached to my body at all times.  This is NOT a cure.  

I am asking for your support.  Please donate to my personal fundraising efforts.  By doing so, you can help me make a difference for millions of people living with type 1 diabetes.

Did you know that:

  • T1D is an autoimmune disease that comes on suddenly and strikes both children and adults at any age?
  • T1D has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle?
  • Those living with T1D must carefully balance insulin doses with eating and daily activities throughout the day and night?
  • Those living with T1D must test their blood sugar by pricking their fingers for blood 8-12 times a day?

As the leader of the type 1 diabetes community, JDRF unifies global efforts to cure, treat and prevent T1D.  JDRF will not rest until T1D is fully conquered.  Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as possible?

Thank you for your support!

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Date and time

April 12, 2014
Registration: 8:00 AM
Starts: 9:00 AM
Length of walk: 3 miles or 1 mile option


Jacksonville Fairgrounds
510 Fairground Place
Jacksonville, FL 32202



Candace Monroe
(904) 739-2101

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