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  • Angel with his Omni Pod

    Angel with his Omni Pod

We will turn Type One into Type None

Angel's Avengers are excited to welcome you to our JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes team page! 

Angel was first diagnosed when he was three years old, just four days before his fourth birthday.  I remember how thirsty he was for weeks before we went to the doctor.  We thought it was a side effect from taking prednisone for his asthma, but when he stopped taking it, the insane thirst never went away.  I had a sinking feeling what was going on, but I couldn't believe that was actually it.  When we got word from the doctor that his blood sugar was too high for their meter to read it, everything from that point happened in a whirlwind, ending up with our sweet baby flying off in a helicopter while we rushed home for toothbrushes and clothes and made a madcap midnight ride to the children's hospital in St. Louis.  What a devastating and exhausting four days in the hospital! 

We were released the day before his birthday, having learned everything we could in such a short time period but oh so unprepared for the ups and downs of the coming years.  For the first couple of years, he took four or more shots a day.  One at bedtime and a different kind of shot every time he ate.  We carried around a food scale and Calorie King book everywhere we went.  At first, I even carried measuring cups in his backpack.  Counting carbs became a way of life.  Then last year he got his Omni Pod, and life has changed so much since then!  He still gets insulin, but not by shots.  He wears a little reservoir of insulin on his arm or leg, and it's controlled by a cool little handheld remote control (which also doubles as his meter)!  This has made life so much easier for Angel - since he doesn't have to get a shot every time he eats, he feels free to eat more like a regular kid instead of always having to weigh if he really wants that cookie bad enough to take a shot for it.  We still count carbs, but it is leaps and bounds better than sticking him with needles day in and day out.  We love his Omni Pod!

This year we are going to particpate in the JDRF walk in Jacksonville as Angel's Avengers, helping JDRF create a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D) where no one has to fear developing this serious autoimmune disease.  By joining Angel's Avengers and/or making a donation to JDRF, you can be part of the effort to improve the lives of millions of people affected by T1D.

With his T1D, Angel's pancreas stopped producing insulin, which is essential to the body’s ability to get energy from food. This can strike both children and adults suddenly and is unrelated to diet or lifestyle.  Managing T1D requires constant carbohydrate counting, blood-glucose testing, and lifelong dependence on insulin.  Angel won't outgrow it, and he can't make it go away just by not eating carbs and sugar.  With T1D there are no days off, and there is no cure.

JDRF is the only global organization with a strategic research plan to fight T1D.  Every donation, big or small, from donors like you, allows JDRF to fund the critical research needed to find a cure for Angel and the millions of others affected by T1D.

Will you accept the challenge to make a difference in your community by joining us?  Just click “Join This Team” to become an Avenger and start fundraising.  Or click “Donate to This Team” to make a donation. 

Thank you for your support!

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Date and time

April 12, 2014
Registration: 8:00 AM
Starts: 9:00 AM
Length of walk: 3 miles or 1 mile option


Jacksonville Fairgrounds
510 Fairground Place
Jacksonville, FL 32202



Candace Monroe
(904) 739-2101

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