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We will turn Type One into Type None

Ashlyn was 16 months when she was diagnosed with T1D. There is a blood test that showed it started no later then 13 months of age.

Our family has two goals for this page . The first is to bring awareness. We could easily have a little girl in heaven right now . Instead, God gave Matthew and I intuition that saved her life. Now looking back, we know why she would hit her head on the floor, almost out of frustration it seemed. Ashlyn was battling high blood sugar and we had no idea. She threw up twice within a week and the nurse assured me it was a tummy bug. I knew it wasn't. Those diapers were not big enough to hold the amount of urine that was coming out of her. She wanted water in the middle of the night. Remember, this little girl was trying in her less then 16 month old body, to let us know something was wrong. Ashlyn Grace loves the beach and would not even play, she just wanted to lay down. We made a doctors appointment early in the week. She had lost 2 pounds since her last visit. That's a lot in a child that young. We left there thinking we just knew the doctor wasn't right. We called a few days later for blood work to be drawn. Mommy and daddy just knew this isn't right. Our baby could barely walk she was so weak. Blood work drawn and that evening we are headed to the ER. Blood sugar was in the 900s and she would have slipped into a coma that night or passed away if we hadn't acted on our intuition. We thank God we listened to our hearts. 

Now, here we are. It will be 3 years this June that we spent in the ER, ICU, and the 5th floor at Wolfsons . Our sweet girl now gets about 5 shots a day and we check her blood sugar about 10 times a day. High and low blood sugar effect her behavior and moods. Adrenalin can spike her, so we must do our best to distinguish between that or a true high that needs insulin. Illness and growth spurts effect her blood sugar. She has needed Glucagon a few times. It has saved her life. Activity can drop her sugars. Certain foods spike her and some don't that you would think would.  We've had to wake her in the middle of the night or from a nap to have a snack. She often will tell us if she feels funny, which means she is usually high, low, or dropping fast. We carry a bag every time we leave our house. It consists of all of her T1D supplies and snacks. We have watched our sweet daughter take on this challenge and has completely amazed us with her strength. She has been to the ER to stabilize her blood sugar. She has been in an ambulance. This little girl will ask a peer if they want to check their blood sugar.  Although its usually not the answer we would like to hear, Ashlyns positive attitude and innocence shines through.  However, her baby sister loves to be just like her and wants her own blood sugar tested often.  This trait will sure be a positive aspect for Ashlyn's support in the future.  There are days of frustration, days we just cant figure out why her blood sugar is staying high, days where we just don't get it.  Days where I see her acting a certain way and know the ONLY reason is because of how her blood sugar is making her feel. Then there are days we see her blood sugar in perfect range for an entire day and her daddy and I witness the complete capabilities of this amazing child.  All of this is why we have this page for her. For everyone living with T1D. This is not something you can take a day off from. Every hour we think about T1D. We need a cure. Its not just about what T1D does to Ashlyn now, its also about her future. We have to take such good care of her now in hopes of preventing problems in her eyes, teeth, limbs, pregnancy, etc. that T1D can do to Ashlyn.

Thank you for taking the time to read her page. We never imagined our child would have to deal with this challenge. But, we are here, praying everyday there will be a cure. We raise money every year. We have to because that money is whats helping scientists everywhere figure out how we can get her pancreas to work again. Thank you for your prayers, donations, thoughts, or even walking with us in April.

Did you know that:

  • T1D is an autoimmune disease that comes on suddenly and strikes both children and adults at any age?
  • T1D has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle?
  • Those living with T1D must carefully balance insulin doses with eating and daily activities throughout the day and night?
  • Those living with T1D must test their blood sugar by pricking their fingers for blood 6 or more times a day?


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