Welcome to Dia-Buddies


Welcome to Dia-Buddies!!!!!!!!!  Joining our team means so much to Bryce and Jacob!  Whether you are making a donation, raising your own money for the team, coming to join us on walk day, or possibly ALL OF THESE!!!!!!  We appreciate all that you are doing to show the boys your support in their cause!  JDRF has been such a huge part in raising funds for Type 1 Diabetes research and there are so many new promising medical advancements in this disease! Bryce is now wearing one of the newest pumps by Medtronic.  It is referred to as an artificial pancreas.  It is so exciting to see what they have coming down in the near future. Your support to fund these boys' and JDRF is making this all possible!

Our team shirts are due April 9, 2014.  Contact the boys or Tammy for more details. 

We can't wait to see you on Walk Day, May 10th @ 10:00am.  More details will come closer to walk day. 

Thank You! 



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