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    How I was Diagnosed

    with Type 1 Diabetes


    When I was 8 years old, mom and dad noticed that I was using the bathroom a lot. One day we finally went over to grandpa's house to test my number for blood sugar. I tested, and the meter read “hi”- As in high. I didn't know what was going on until dad said that was really bad.

    So we all went to the doctor to find out what the real number was and what I had to do. I was very scared, but did try to think positive. At the hospital, I went into the huge place, that looked like the Mall of America. I went into a room, and they tested my blood sugar again. Then I went to another room and I went to bed there. It felt really good to just rest. The only part I thought was weird was peeing into a cup! It felt a little strange.

    Finally they told us we had to go to a different kind of hospital, so we went to mayo clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota. When we got there we went to our room. I felt a little sad, but it was kind of okay. Doctors came in, and they tested for things, so it was boring. But I did get to tell them jokes!! Finally I was all better and I went home.




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