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    When my Brother was Diagnosed With Diabetes

    By: Dylan Alcorn


    It all started one summer when my mom, dad, and I had a conversation about how slim my brother was getting and how he was using the bathroom all the time. We decided to take him over to our grandma and grandpas house because my grandpa is a diabetic and he had a blood sugar tester.


    My number was 85 which is normal but my brothers number was... the meter just read “hi”. We later found out that “hi” meant that he was above 600! My dad had to go to work though, because he worked 3rd shift (at the time), but Jesse my mom and I all went to Covenant a hospital in Waterloo IA.


    They tested his blood sugar and it was 653! I couldn't believe he was still standing! Then the doctor said that he was diabetic and that we should take him to either Iowa City or Mayo Clinic. So dad took some time off work, we went home, and packed our things to go to Mayo.


    We got there about 2am because we left about midnight. They got us into a room, we saw a few doctors and then got about an hour of sleep because we had to wake up at 7am for a blood sugar test.


    Then we met Dr. Shwenk (I hope I'm spelling that right) and he asked us questions during witch I was playing Wii. Then we saw social workers, dieticians, and many other doctors. Then Jesse and I went down to the play room. While we were there we played with HotWheels, drew pictures, and played board games. Then it was dinner time and Jesse got his meal.


    The next day we saw more doctors. And of course Jesse tested, got shots, and snacks or meals. We went to the play room and met another diabetic named Brandon. We talked a while and then we went back to the room for dinner.

    The last day we were at the hospital we got all of the things we needed and went home.


    Authors Note

    Jesse being diabetic hasn't changed just him it's changed our whole family.



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