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Join our team in the fight to help create a world without type 1 diabetes!

 DIA-BUDDIES would like to welcome you to the team!!!!!!!!!

We are excited that you are joining our team!  As I am sure that you noticed, our team name has changed.  Bryce's close friend and classmate, Jacob Huff, was just recently diagnosed with Type 1 also.  The boys have decided to form a team together and join forces to find a cure for this terrible disease!  They are very excited about the first year for Team DIA-BUDDIES!  We hope you will help them raise money and show them your support on Walk day!  We will be walking outside this year in the Newbo- Czech Village Area on May 10, 2014 @ 10:00 am!  We will be contacting you with more information on where to meet as we receive it.  


  1. REGISTER.. EACH and EVERY person that will be walking or raising money for BRYCE!
  2. Click on the "Join this Team" button, make a donation and begin fundraising!
  3. Pass along our family letter and any information you can to get more people to join his fight.... his team.... donating to fund the research that is vital to finding the CURE!!!
  4. Order your DIA-BUDDIES team t-shirt by April 9, 2014!!!!!  (not a requirement to walk)
  5. Join us on May 10, 2014 in the Newbo-Czech Village Area to walk to find a cure! 

Thank you for helping Bryce continue to achieve his dream.... finding a cure from this terrible disease!!  We are looking forward to seeing you at the walk!!!!!

Bryce, Kevin, Tammy, and Haley  

DIA-BUDDIES - Join Team Raised
Jump Level: $1000 Bryce Humpfer $1,538.00
Walk Level: $500 Jacob Huff $745.00
Ruth Armstrong $0.00
Personal Gift Matt Laura Emma Haylee Becca Banes $25.00
Craig Curtis $0.00
Emma Curtis $0.00
Chase Eubanks $0.00
Sami Eubanks $0.00
Bill Geers $0.00
Ginny Geers $0.00
Brooke Gilchrist $0.00
Personal Gift David Gilchrist $40.00
Ella Gilchrist $0.00
James Gilchrist $0.00
Mya Gilchrist $0.00
Tate Gilchrist $0.00
Hunter Haro $0.00
Lesley Haro $0.00
Haley Humpfer $0.00
Kevin Humpfer $0.00
Tammy Humpfer $0.00
Alishia Klocke $0.00
Casey Klocke $0.00
Connie Moore $0.00
Taryn Moore $0.00
Austin Neighbor $0.00
Jenna Neighbor $0.00
Personal Gift Kristin Neighbor $150.00
Scott Neighbor $0.00
Audrey Paulsen $0.00
Personal Gift Kara Paulsen $30.00
Kate Paulsen $0.00
Personal Gift Amy Peterson $120.00
Alan Sperfslage $0.00
Blake Sperfslage $0.00
Brent Sperfslage $0.00
Brie Sperfslage $0.00
Personal Gift Dana Sperfslage $40.00
Dominic Storbeck $0.00
Hannah Storbeck $0.00
Personal Gift Sandi Storbeck $40.00
Theodore Storbeck $0.00
Personal Gift Russ and Sheryl Waller $20.00
Team Gifts $200.00
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