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One year ago - I did not even know that there was an annual walk to raise money for JDRF - actually I was hardly aware of JDRF.  Sure, I had heard of JDRF, but never really knew what their purpose was. How quickly things can change.  April 8, 2013 is a day that I will never forget - I can honestly say it was the worst day of my life.  Our then 11 year old son Caden who had always been so healthy and active, was fighting for his life - and we did not even realize how severe it was until we were admitted to the hospital and began learning about Type 1 Diabetes.  

When Caden was admitted to the hospital, his blood sugar was at a minimum of 700 - that is the level that the ER meters top off - - as we learned later - at that level - people can go into a coma or worse....

Those first few weeks I really didn't think I was going to be able to deal with all the changes and extra responsiblities associated with T1D.  However, JDRF was constantly there - e-mailing to see how Caden was, sending a Bag of Hope, offering to set us up with a mentor.

One year later - Caden is doing great - he is active in sports and being a 12 year old boy!  The only exception is all the extras he has to worry about that his friends don't - - checking is blood sugar several times a day, counting carbs, insulin/carb ratios, changing his port for his pump, not forgetting his pump somewhere(!), dealing with high or low blood sugars as they occur, making sure his blood sugar level is acceptable before a basketball or football game...that is a lot for anyone to deal with!

As a parent - I feel guilty that I can't make this go away and make him better.  So I do the only thing I can - pray and hope for a cure - so that he doesn't have to worry about all this extra "stuff".  That is why I am walking this year and asking for your help.

JDRF is the largest nongovernmental funder of T1D research, every dollar JDRF directs toward its research plan comes from donors like you. 

Please support my commitment and donate to my Walk fundraising efforts today. Your gift will make a difference for millions of people, like Caden, affected by this devastating, life-threatening disease. 

Thank you for your support!



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Date and time

May 10, 2014
Check-in: 8:00 AM
Starts: 9:30 AM
Length of walk: 1 mile


Iowa State Fairgrounds
3000 E. Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50317



Tori Lemke
Email | (515) 802-3333

Greater Iowa Chapter
3580 EP True Parkway
Suite 101
West Des Moines, IA 50265