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Zach and Mom

    Hi! This year, John, Emma, Zach and I will be taking part in JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes on May 3, 2014 at Niabi Zoo.

    As most of you know, Zachary was diagnosed in October of 2009 with Type 1 diabetes, and it has been a roller coaster ride of high and low blood sugars ever since.

    Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is a devastating disease that affects millions of people, a large and growing percentage of them children.

    Luckily we have JDRF on our side and they are fighting to find a cure every day. It funds more type 1 diabetes research than any other charity worldwide and it's making progress along many promising paths toward better treatments and a cure.

    Now, more than ever, you can make a crucial difference. Please give to JDRF or sign up to come walk with us on May 3rd and help give Zach a chance at a normal life.  Together, we can make the cure a reality!



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