Donate to the Walk to CURE Diabetes with TEAM SCHULER MOTORS and Me!

Me, my husband Ray and our daughter!  Diabetic pregnancy officially conquered!
Last years award! Our team raised $1352 in 2013 and a total of $4,624 so far!



    Please make a donation or join our team in the Walk to Cure Diabetes.  This is Team Schuler Motors fourth year participating in the walk!


    Venue: Niabi Zoo

    Date: SATURDAY 05-03-2014

    Registration Start Time: 8:30 am

    Walk Start Time: 10am

    Length of Walk: 2 Miles or whatever you choose


    JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes is near and dear to my heart because I have Type 1 Diabetes.

    I strive to help other people with Diabetes on a daily basis.  At my job I run into people with Diabetes and some of them ask me to help them get back on track.  I try to help them find the right medical team and point them to the people that have helped me tremendously. 


    I am also a Blogger (http://typeonediabeticwarrior.blogspot.com/) and discuss my Diabetes there and the ups and downs of it.  My blog caught the eye of Dexcom and they asked me to be on their website.  I am very honored to be on their website as a Dexcom Hero!  http://www.dexcom.com/heroes/megan


    I have also been given the opportunity to be a part of the Diabetes Advoates http://diabetesadvocates.org/ where various people affected by Diabetes gather to try to make changes for people with Diabetes and be the voice of Diabetes for so many people who are unable to have their voices heard. 

    I would LOVE to see the day that Diabetes is cured and be able to eat food and participate in daily activites that to not cause me to worry about my blood sugar levels.

    Please make  a donation to JDRF, it does not to go me personally it goes to this organization that gives these funds to researchers to help fund their programs to finding a cure, better treatment and help us ward off the complications that come along with Diabetes and sometimes cut our lives short.  


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