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  • My brother Dan (diagnosed age 10) and his biggest fan (niece) Addy

    My brother Dan (diagnosed age 10) and his biggest fan (niece) Addy

I'm the take steps towards a cure type.

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Please support my family in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes!

I'll never forget the day after my brother was diagnosed with diabetes and we tried to act normal and go shopping in Duluth after we left the hospital. We did okay until it was time to go to eat. I watched my little brother, who was 10 at the time, hide on the floor of the car as my parents tried to poke him with a needle. No kid should have to go through this and no parents should have to stick their kids with needles. And these kids should not have to continue sticking themselves multiple times a day for the rest of their lives and constantly battle trying to keep their blood sugar within range. Families should not have to worry about their loved ones this much and worry that they are going to make it through the night or make it home safely due to them having low blood sugar, which can lead to confusion, seizures, accidents, and coma along with long-term complications even when managed well.†

I am walking in honor of my younger brother, Dan Forsman (diagnosed at age 10), and my uncle, Paul Forsman (diagnosed age 27), who suffer from Type I diabetes. Please help us by donating to help find a cure or help make better management devices for this disease to end the worry, the seizures, the complications, and multiple needle pricks daily. This year, I'll be taking part in JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes, along with one-half million other walkers across the country, as we try to reach our nationwide goal of raising $94 million. †

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that strikes children and adults suddenly, and can be fatal. There is some good news, though. JDRF is our best hope for finding a cure. It funds more type 1 diabetes research than any other charity worldwide and it's making progress along many promising paths toward better treatments and a cure.

I am asking for your support. Please donate to my personal fundraising efforts. By doing so, you can help me make a difference for millions of people living with type 1 diabetes.

Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as possible?

Thank you for your support!

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Date and time

February 23, 2013
Check-in: 7:00 AM
Starts: 8:00 AM
Length of walk: Set your own


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