My name is Sam, and I am 12 years old.  I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) on the 4th of July when I was 7 years old.  

    T1D is an autoimmune disease that caused my body to destroy my insulin producing cells in my pancreas for no good reason at all.  It was basically just really bad luck--I didn't do anything to cause it.  My life was forever changed on that day when I watched fireworks from my hospital room...

    Now I get finger pokes about 12 times a day... 360 times a month... 4,380 times a year... in order to check my blood sugar.  I have had over 20,000 finger pokes since I was diagnosed with T1D.  I need insulin to live, and I get at least 6 insulin injections every day--over 2,100 injections each year.  

    Every day is a balancing act of checking my blood sugars, measuring food, counting carbs, monitoring exercise and dosing insulin.  T1D doesn't sleep or go on vacation.  It wakes up my family and me every night, and we have to pack extra supplies wherever I go.  

    I enjoy 6th grade, love breakdancing, building legos, and designing fish aquariums... but everything is harder with T1D.  As long as T1D exists, my life will continue to be forever interrupted by this unpredictable balancing act of trying to do the work of my pancreas.  

    My family and I want a cure for Type 1 Diabetes!  And that is why we will be participating in the JDRF's WALK TO CURE DIABETES on Saturday February 22, 2014 at 8:30 am at the Mall of America.  The JDRF is the global leader in funding research for better treatments, prevention and ultimately a cure for T1D!  More than 80% of JDRF expenditures directly support leading edge research towards their mission.  The JDRF FUNDRAISING GOAL for 2014 is $1.7 MILLION!!!

    This is the fifth year that our team, SAM'S STAR WALKERS, will participate to help raise money for the JDRF.  Please support my cause and donate to the JDRF through this fundraising page.  We want to contribute as much as we can to the JDRF's goal!!

    I really appreciate all of the support that I have recieved over the past 4 and a half years.  I live with T1D all the time, day and night, and I really want a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes!  Please consider supporting me and all of the other people affected by T1D.  

    Thank you--

    Sam :) 










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