Join me in the fight to create a world without type 1 diabetes!

    A person with diabetes...

    ...finds that brotherly support shows no boundaries.  During a particularly bad hypoglycemic episode (low blood sugar) Lauren was throwing up--a lot-- in a big bowl which Ryan was recruited to hold while Mom & Dad were on the phone with the doctor.

    ...never has to do research for science or health papers and projects, since diabetes is ALWAYS the topic.

    ...has the "best" snacks.  Fellow preschoolers requested “Lauren’s juice," (Crystal Light) because she needed a sugar free drink instead of the regular juice everyone else drank.

    ...receives special treatment at the airport—the security check includes swabbing the pump for explosive residue.   

    ...makes the ultimate sacrifice--of valuable luggage space to make room for pump supplies instead of a new pair of shoes. 

    Please donate to our family team to support Lauren and others with Type 1 Diabetes.  Thank you!


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