Emma's Endeavor 12th Annual Walk to Cure Diabetes - 2014

Emma - 2014 Walk
Emma's Endeavor 2012

    This is Emma's Endeavor 12th year walking for a cure. I am raising money again for Type NONE!!

    I was diagnosed 12 years ago with diabetes and I struggle every day to keep my blood sugars in a normal range. Recently, my dad's friend lost his 30 year old child to type 1 diabetes and that really freaked me out. I am thankful that I have insulin to stay alive but it is not a CURE.

    Please consider donating to my team.  My goal this year is to raise $7,205 for a CURE to get us to $84,000 (avg of $7,000/yr) in 12 years.

    Thanks!!!  Emma Bontrager


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