• Jensen the night of diagnosis

    Jensen the night of diagnosis

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February 15, 2012 is a day that can never be erased from my mind. It was the day I heard the words that Jensen had type 1 diabetes. It was something that I never thought I would hear and it was also something that I could never have prepared myself for (or Jensen). As a parent I beat myself up because I should of known something was horribly wrong. The only thing that I couldn't figure out was that he didn't have a fever and a few days into what we thought was the flu he started complaining of chest pains and couldn't keep anything down. At this point he also looked like death. Trust me as a parent you never want to see your child look how Jensen looked! This is when I KNEW there was something VERY wrong with him. As soon as Dave got home from work he took J to the Doctor. They didn'tknow what was wrong with him. After seeing he was having a hard time breathing and had a rapid heartbeat they decided to check his blood sugar. 495......a number that also will never be forgotten. It is the number that diagnosed J with T1D and changed our world forever. Dave went with J via ambulance to the hospital from the clinic while I was frantic at home with a 7 week old. The next few days at the hospital were a nightmare! When Jensen arrived to the hospital he was a very sick little boy! He was so dehydrated that it took 6 pokes to get an IV started. While at the hospital he had to get blood drawn every hour to check all his levels while on the IV and also poked his finger every 3 hours. He wouldn't sleep because he was terrified of what they were going to do to him next. He cried and begged the whole first night for food and something to drink, but he could have NOTHING until dinner the next day. Watching your child go though this and having the hopeless feeling it leaves is something no parent should have to go through. It is also something NO child should ever have to endure! And all of this is only diagnosis! Since diagnosis Jensen has had his finger poked at least 2200 times! Jensen has had at least 1275 insulin shots! jensen's prescriptions are nearing $8,000! Jensen's medical costs (not including diagnosis) are at $4,000 and he has another 3 month checkup in november, "special" Dr.s are not cheap! It has not even been 1 year! The mental, emotional, physical and financial burden T1D leaves will be with him the rest of his life! Please help us put a stop to this horrible disease!

I'll be taking part in this year?s Walk to raise funds to improve the lives of all people affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D). If you ask people with T1D, they will tell you it is difficult and life threatening. And they know it never goes away.

I am asking for your support. Please donate to my personal fundraising efforts. By doing so, you can help me make a difference for millions of people living with type 1 diabetes.

Did you know that:

  • T1D is an autoimmune disease that comes on suddenly and strikes both children and adults at any age?
  • T1D has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle?
  • Those living with T1D must carefully balance insulin doses with eating and daily activities throughout the day and night?
  • Those living with T1D must test their blood sugar by pricking their fingers for blood 6 or more times a day?

As the leader of the type 1 diabetes community, JDRF unifies global efforts to cure, treat and prevent T1D. JDRF will not rest until T1D is fully conquered. Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as possible?

Thank you for your support!

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February 23, 2013
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