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Join our team in the fight to help create a world without type 1 diabetes!

Our Nuveen 2013 Walk Team
Our Nuveen 2013 Walk Team

Welcome to our JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Team NUVEEN Page! Please join us in our 8th year walking as a team...all employees, families, and friends are welcome to join us. This is a fun event for all ages. Just click above to join our team.  More details will come later from team captain Marie Newcome.

* SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2014 at 8:30am at the Mall of America *

This walk lasts just one hour and has no set distance or fundraising requirements!

* Register here by 2/1/14 to receive an official TEAM NUVEEN shirt in your perfect size! *

We are taking the steps to help achieve JDRF's mission: to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research.  The money our JDRF Walk Team raises will go directly to support this life-changing research.

The JDRF Walk is a fantastic way to make a difference in the millions of lives of people affected by type 1 diabetes.  For at least that one day, they will look around and see all the support they have from their friends, family and community.  On Walk Day, everyone can have fun and celebrate how much closer to a cure we are because of their efforts.

Thank you.  Together, we will cure type 1 diabetes and its complications! 

Please contact Marie Newcome at 612-303-3281 for more information.

Nuveen - Join Team Raised
Stroll Level: $200 Marie Newcome $410.00
Molly Allen $0.00
Duke Breault $0.00
Hudson Breault $0.00
Nicole Breault $0.00
Shane Breault $0.00
Demetrius Brown $0.00
Jennifer Brown $0.00
Josiah Brown $0.00
Leonard Brown $0.00
Bobbi Chaves $0.00
Timothy Dwyer $150.00
Personal Gift John Fruit $160.00
Carolyn Garman $50.00
Emma Garman $0.00
Heidi Garman $0.00
Jacob Garman $0.00
Richard Garman $0.00
Tanner Garman $0.00
Venner Garman $0.00
Heidi Garman-Nuveen $0.00
David Haim $0.00
Ron Haim $0.00
Susan Haim $0.00
Jordyn Jahnke $0.00
Karen Jahnke $0.00
Kristin Jahnke $0.00
Lila Jahnke $0.00
Luke Jahnke $0.00
Run Level: $3500 Max Jahnke $4,915.00
Paul Jahnke $0.00
Richard Jahnke $0.00
Steve Jahnke $0.00
Tiffany Jahnke $0.00
Callie Jones $0.00
Personal Gift David Kinyon $20.00
Rebecca Kinyon $0.00
Brian Knach $0.00
Danielle Knach $0.00
Joseph Knach $0.00
Abigail Lauve $50.00
Tia Lauve $50.00
Erica Leistico $0.00
Emma Loretz $0.00
Jeremy Loretz $0.00
Nathan Loretz $0.00
Vicki Loretz $0.00
Andrew Majeski $0.00
Brittany Majeski $0.00
Christine Majeski $0.00
Joe Majeski $0.00
Matthew Majeski $0.00
Tiarra Mitchell $0.00
Personal Gift Gwen Nelson $50.00
Stroll Level: $200 Max Newcome $250.00
Mike Newcome $0.00
Stroll Level: $200 Mitchell Newcome $250.00
Lauryn Rodgers $0.00
Ann Singroy $0.00
Stephanie Singroy $0.00
Tiffany Singroy $0.00
Jon Stevens $0.00
Kristine Stevens $0.00
Jamiela Taylor $0.00
Lily Thomas $0.00
Lisl von Steinbergs $0.00
Maya Wells $0.00
Aaliyah Wilker $0.00
Walk Level: $500 Personal Gift Aiza Wilson $645.00
Team Gifts $560.00
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