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  • Asher and his brother daniel!

    Asher and his brother daniel!

  • Me and Asher

    Me and Asher

Join me in the fight to cure, better treat and prevent type 1 diabetes!

Dear family and friends,

     We will be taking part in this year’s Walk to raise funds to improve the lives of all people affected by type 1 diabetes.  If you ask people with T1D, they will tell you it is difficult and life threatening.  And they know it never goes away.


As most of you all know our family is directly affected by T1D.  Our Asher was diagnosed on August 25th 2013 at 18 months with type 1 diabetes. That was one of the scariest days if our lives!!! From that day foward there has been tons of changes and challenges daily! He gets his finger poked 7-10 times a day and 5-8 injections daily as well! ( thats roughly 2,100 shots a year wow) We also wake up at 2am every morning to check his blood sugar to make sure it doesn't drop in the middle of the night. T1D does not sleep or ever go away. Asher has now learned how to check his own blood sugar and pinch the areas he gets his shots in!! He is one of the bravest boys I know and always seems to amaze me!!  


I am asking for your support.  Please donate to my team! By doing so, you can help me make a difference in millions of people lives living with type 1 diabetes. As the leader of the type 1 community, JDRF unifies global efforts to cure, treat and prevent T1D.JDRF will not rest untill T1D is fully conquered! So please make a donation today! Thank you :) 




Thank you for your support!

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Date and time

May 3, 2014
Registration: 8:30 AM
Starts: 10:00 AM
Length of walk: 2.5 miles


Drury University
900 N. Benton
Springfield, MO 65802



Jennifer Cotner-Jones

(417) 559-9122

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