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On October 3rd 2012 I lived the nightmare that every parent fears. While in Indianapolis on a business trip the texts started coming in. The severity changed with each new message. How I wished I could be there for him, but it wasn't meant to be.

He was in the bathroom all night, he looks really weak, he can't drink enough, we have an appointment at 11:00, he lost 10 pounds, they are taking a urine sample. The next text put my heart in my throat, they are checking his sugar. I didn't need to read the next text I already knew. It said 313! My son was diagnosed withType 1 diabetes.

A life altering moment. A life defining moment. We have grown so much together. I swore to him I would always be by his side to support him in anyway possible. That is why I write this post today.
Evan has done some amazing things. I watch him fight through things as a child I could only imagine. High blood sugars, low blood sugars, an unbelievable amount of finger sticks, and a tremendous growth in character. He struggles everyday yet he has a strong resolve to help others. He made friends with another young man who has T1D as a little makeshift support group. He traveled to Washington D.C. to address Senator Casey to support diabetes research. He formed his own team raise funds to support diabetes research. All of this leads me to you! When he asked me to help him fundraise I had no choice. I swore to him I would always be by his side.
So here we are. Would you be willing to donate the the JDRF to help us find a cure for Type 1 diabetes? Because someone I love needs a cure....
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May 5, 2013
Check-in: 9:00am
Starts: 10:00am
Length of walk: 3-5 miles


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