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Pure Joy.  Miss you!
Pure Joy. Miss you!

Welcome to Team Natalie!  

Natalie was born in 1969 and got T1D when she was a young girl.  Having lost a kidney as an infant, the disease was hard on her.  Her second kidney failed when she was 23.  She was fortunate to recieve a double kidney-pancreas transplant in 1993.  Her donated kidney began to fail and she passed away on December 23, 2007.  

We miss Natalie tremendously. Natalie was the oldest of 9 children and the aunt to many nieces and nephews.  She worked througout her life as a counselor and guide to so many people through camps, the Mill Creek Swim Club and most recently as the International Student Advisor at the University of Washington.  She was an advocate and a champion for people striving to be the best in whatever endeavor they chose. 

Her caring and supportive spirit lives on and we want to continue her quest to be there to help others.  We would love for you to come out and run or walk with us on May 18th and/or donate in her memory. 

Natalie truly believed in enjoying the little things in life.  She was an event planner and this day that we get together to honor her and her spirit is very meaningful.

Team Natalie Raised
Matt Lang $2,030.00
Kassra Abtahi $0.00
Karla Armendariz $0.00
Kiegan Austin $0.00
Personal Gift Tonna Bailey $210.00
Dylan Baker $0.00
Pamela Baker $0.00
Samantha Bell $0.00
Bernard Benson $0.00
Janette Bentler $0.00
Karley Bentler $0.00
Kendal Bentler $0.00
Jake Biery $0.00
Nancy Biery $0.00
Christopher Birmingham $0.00
Linda Birmingham $0.00
Monvausiyei Bomber $0.00
Mackenzie Bonar $0.00
Mason Bonar $0.00
Sonya Bonar $20.00
Mason Burdge $0.00
Cassie Caldier $0.00
Morgan Chan $0.00
Demetri Clementz $0.00
Ariana Cummins $0.00
Bella Daly $255.00
Qwynn Daly $255.00
Kat Deboodt $0.00
Personal Gift Roberto Diaz Leon $5.00
Scott Eastwood $0.00
Brooke Farris $0.00
Personal Gift Gabriel Fendel $90.00
Personal Gift Michaela Galloupe $60.00
Nancy Gianacopulos $0.00
Bob Graff $0.00
Janine Graff $0.00
Jeremy Graff $100.00
Michael Hadreas $0.00
Griffin Hagstrom $0.00
Josh Hancock $0.00
Rhonda Hancock $115.00
Hannah Harris $0.00
Tristyn Iish $0.00
Ambareen Jaddi $0.00
Jamal Jaddi $0.00
Personal Gift Colleen Karvonen $30.00
Suzanne Karvonen $0.00
Personal Gift Alex Keenan $110.00
Personal Gift Laona Koivukangas $100.00
Carl Kurfess $0.00
Melissa Kurfess $0.00
Natalie Kurfess $0.00
Paul Kurfess $0.00
Personal Gift Veronica Kurfess $10.00
Harley Lang $1,000.00
Personal Gift James Lang $1,080.00
Personal Gift Marleigh Lang $250.00
Nick Lang $1,400.00
Rita Lang $730.00
Personal Gift Ingrid Lang-Ojala $150.00
Cosette Larsen $0.00
Joy Larsen $0.00
Personal Gift Ashlea Lau $30.00
Personal Gift Courtney Lever $100.00
Personal Gift Edie Lie $30.00
Personal Gift Simon Lie $175.00
Arvin Malkandi $50.00
Mali Malkandi $0.00
Personal Gift Sara Manley $75.00
Personal Gift Teri Manley $50.00
Personal Gift Paige Marler $100.00
Rose McDaniel $0.00
Tymoteusz Merchel $0.00
Brayden Mills $0.00
Personal Gift Raquel Monsaas $305.00
Russ Morgan $0.00
Shelly Morgan $0.00
Lexi Morrison $0.00
Arlin Murillo $0.00
Brooke Ojala $100.00
Cole Ojala $100.00
Dane Ojala $100.00
Elle Ojala $100.00
Ethan Ojala $120.00
Laurienne Ojala $100.00
Sonja Ojala $1,250.00
Caitlynn Parpart $0.00
Gavin Parpart $0.00
Personal Gift Aj Peacocke $130.00
Personal Gift Cindy Peay $40.00
Jaxon Peay $0.00
Ben Peltier $0.00
Buddy Peltier $0.00
Shauna Peltier $0.00
Javier Pimentel $0.00
Personal Gift Vanessa Retallick $60.00
Eva Rosales $0.00
Personal Gift Manraj Sahota $20.00
Lisa Sanders $0.00
Jana Schenck $0.00
Angela Schultz $100.00
Brayden Schultz $100.00
Brooke Schultz $100.00
Trent Schultz $100.00
Ali Schumacher $0.00
Claus Seelman $0.00
Personal Gift Taylor Sharnbroich $30.00
Angela Smith $0.00
Personal Gift Mandy Stewart $125.00
Christine Stubblefield $0.00
Diana Torres $0.00
Kate Turk $0.00
Marybeth Turk $0.00
Wilson Turk $0.00
Personal Gift Gio Wilmot $100.00
Tanya Wilmot $50.00
Team Gifts $250.00
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