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We will turn Type One into Type None

Part of Team Cass and Zack 2013
Part of Team Cass and Zack 2013

This is our sixth year participating in Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes.  So many heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us in our last five years by joining our BTB team and for donating.  During those first couple of years I thought to myself that I couldn’t possibly ask a lot of the same people over and over again for additional donations.  It’s amazing what a life of dealing with Type 1 Diabetes will do – the pure hatred of this disease and the impacts it has on Cassidy and Zachary, all the other T1D’s and their families – drives me to yet again ask for your donations.  You'd think we'd be "used" to this whole routine after being into it now for exactly 6 years to the day as I type this (2/22).  Cassidy has had Type 1 Diabetes for 6 years and Zachary has had Type 1 Diabetes for 3 1/2 years.  Honestly, I have never hated diabetes as much as I do now, and my use of the word routine is quite the oxymoron.

At a recent JDRF Board of Directors meeting a video was shown.  The video was of a woman, Annie, who works at JDRF and I have the pleasure of knowing/ working with.  It tells the story of her living with T1D compared to her father living with T1D, her artificial pancreas trial, and how drastically better her quality of life has been because of the advances in diabetes research.  Here’s the link to her story if you are interested -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezop1PUV5P4

So, as it often seems on a day to day basis that we are just drowning in the minutia of tasks and headaches associated with T1D, great strides and progress are being made.  The artificial pancreas is on the nearby horizon.  That’s not a cure, but it’s a treatment far and above what we have today.  And, research still continues for the ultimate cure.  When the day finally comes that Type 1 Diabetes is cured, it will be the first chronic disease for which a cure will have been found. 

I think about how it was before Type 1 Diabetes.  No counting every carbohydrate, no kids feeling yucky and not able to think straight/ concentrate/ have mood swings because of blood sugars that are too low or too high.  No big needles for set changes every couple of days.  No pricking of the fingers.  No getting up in the middle of the night (which we do about 75% of the time) to check blood sugars.  No worrying about kids being away for the night at a sleepover or camp because of how they will manage the diabetes.  No having to make special arrangements for them every time they go somewhere.  No spending of thousands of dollars in medical expenses that could be spent or saved or donated instead.  No carrying emergency supplies with you everywhere you go and having emergency supplies fully stocked at the schools.  No continual nagging outside of normal parenting – how many carbs is that?  Did you get your insulin?  Did you test your blood?  What is your blood sugar? And on and on and on.  Sometimes when I go somewhere/ do something with Emily (non T1D), I (guiltily) think, wow, this is so easy….I don’t have to worry about anything, we can just be ‘normal’.

Please join our BTB team – May 18th in the new Husky Stadium.  We will run/walk in support of Zachary (who will again this year be at a regatta) and with Cassidy.  Please donate to continue the amazing research that will lead to better management and ultimately a cure.  We are walking and donating in support of and praying for continued advances against this disease.  Please join us on May 18th or donate online to Team Cass and Zack.  Many thanks and much appreciation.


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