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We will turn Type One into Type None

Team Nater 2013
Team Nater 2013


This is our fourth year participating in Beat the Bridge and raising funds for JDRF. We are so incredibly thankful and touched by the generosity of our family and friends. Team Nater rocks!!

Nate was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) when he was 9 years old. T1D is an autoimmune disorder which causes the body to attack its pancreas and stop it from producing insulin. Insulin is required by our bodies to pull glucose out of our blood to feed our cells. Basically, our bodies need insulin to help us get energy from our food. Without a working pancreas, people with T1D have to manually monitor their blood sugar levels, know how many carbohydrates are in everything they eat or drink and determine the correct amount of injectable insulin to administer to keep their blood sugar at a safe level. High blood sugar levels will have long term repercussions such as blindness, nerve damage, organ failure and death. Low blood sugar levels result in immediate symptoms that range from headaches and dizziness to seizures and death. Keeping blood sugars in range sounds complicated enough, but add exercise, stress, growth spurts and hormones (which can all impact blood sugar levels) and diabetes management can feel like you’re aiming at a moving target!

Nate continues to be a tenacious warrior in his battle with T1D. He endures the 7-10 daily finger pokes and every other day insulin pump site change injections without complaint. But the most difficult aspect for a 13 year old boy has got to be T1D's demand for constant responsibility and vigilance. Nate can't just be a carefree kid. He has to be constantly on watch for the signs of low blood sugar. He has to be constantly mature to make smart food choices based on his blood sugar level (high blood sugar means saying "no" to that milkshake even though all his friends are having them). And he has to be constantly vigilant to stop and administer insulin for everything he eats or drinks. Nate is courageously fighting the day to day battles, but it will take a cure for T1D to actually win the war.

JDRF is the leading organization funding type 1 diabetes research. Advancements are occurring every day, but they just take time and money. Please give generously in hopes of easing Nate’s fight with this relentless disease.


Thank you so much,

Kevin, Heidi, Nate and Max



Team Nater Raised
Nate Verboort $11,141.70
Jordan Atlas $0.00
Personal Gift Rebecca Bradley $100.00
Rebecca Brown $0.00
Personal Gift Charlene Jeune $145.00
Personal Gift Dylan Kinzer $25.00
Muddy Kinzer $0.00
Annie Kistner $0.00
Emmy Kistner $0.00
Ethan Kistner $0.00
Michael Kistner $0.00
Paul Kistner $0.00
Adam Page $0.00
Kristie Page $0.00
Personal Gift Ryan Page $50.00
Personal Gift Scott Page $50.00
Kellie Riper $0.00
Heidi Schmedding $0.00
Personal Gift Ben Sherry $50.00
Morgan Smith $0.00
Tristan Smith $150.00
Personal Gift Bettina Thrun $50.00
Kevin Verboort $50.00
Personal Gift Lawrence Verboort $600.00
Max Verboort $25.00
Emily Wallace $25.00
Gavin Wallace $0.00
Liza Wallace $0.00
Team Gifts $2,630.00
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