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We will turn Type One into Type None

Connor, Rose and Kiki
Connor, Rose and Kiki

Welcome to Kiki's Clutch Team!

We're helping JDRF create a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D) where no one has to fear developing this serious autoimmune disease. By joining our Nordstrom Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes team and making a donation to JDRF, you can be part of the effort to improve the lives of millions of people affected by T1D.

In T1D, a person's pancreas stops producing insulin, which is essential to the body's ability to get energy from food. It strikes both children and adults suddenly and is unrelated to diet or lifestyle. Managing T1D requires constant carbohydrate counting, blood-glucose testing, and lifelong dependence on insulin. With T1D there are no days off, and there is no cure.

JDRF is the only global organization with a strategic research plan to fight T1D. Every donation, big or small, from donors like you, allows JDRF to fund the critical research needed to find a cure.

The Nordstrom Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes, benefitting JDRF is on Sunday May 18, 2014.  We hope that you will join Kiki's Clutch Team.

Taking part in this event is a great experience. Not only do you get the satisfaction of helping JDRF make a difference in the lives of people, like Kiki, with type 1 diabetes (T1D) – you also have FUN and get a good workout too!  The money we raise will go to finding better treatments and a cure for people with type 1 diabetes. We need your support, so please do whatever you can – join Kiki's Clutch Team, make a donation on Kiki's behalf or help raise money from others.

To participate:

  1. Go to beatthebridg.org
  2. Click on “Register”
  3. Click on “Join or recreate a team”
  4. Enter our promo code kiki (all lower case) in the team promo code box and make sure to click “Go”
  5. You should now see that your password has been accepted
  6. Scroll down and type in our team name (Kiki’s Clutch Team) and click “Search for a Team”
  7. When our team pops up click the “Join” button
  8. Make sure the Kiki’s Clutch Team participation type is selected
  9. If you are a past participant log in with your username and password
  10. Enter your contact info and continue on with the registration process to the end.  You should not be charged for your registration fee or a team t-shirt.  (Please note, if you are asked to pay for anything other than a donation, the web site has failed to recognize the promo code and you will not get a team TShirt.)

Kiki fights this disease all day every day.  Rose wanted a cure for her son very badly but she didn’t live to see it happen.  Let’s do this for Kiki and for Rose.  Thank you so much for helping us fight this disease. We hope to see you on Sunday May 18!  Join us for brunch after the run at 2104 E Highland Dr.

Kiki and Mike

Thank you for your support!

Kiki's Clutch Team Raised
Personal Gift Michael Boyle $5,000.00
Nacole Abram $0.00
Personal Gift Dawn Aiken $400.00
Personal Gift Tony & Michelle Audino $250.00
Personal Gift Julie Barbo $100.00
Shanti Barnes $0.00
Personal Gift Connor Bennett $250.00
Personal Gift Katie Bernardez $100.00
Anna Beshlian $0.00
Personal Gift Eleanor Beshlian $100.00
Kevin Beshlian $0.00
Chloe Billingslea $0.00
Sabine Blumenthal $0.00
Carrie Borda $0.00
Personal Gift Mark Borda $100.00
Personal Gift Kieran Boyle $10,280.00
Andrew Brennan $0.00
Personal Gift Logan Brennan $30.00
Shawn Brennan $0.00
Personal Gift Christine Bryant $240.00
Personal Gift Zeb Burke-Conte $30.00
Lisa Carroll $0.00
Personal Gift Mayan Chavez $30.00
Lucas Chen $0.00
Chloe de Campos $0.00
Jackson de Campos $0.00
Personal Gift Daniela Dombrowski $250.00
Personal Gift Bob Duffy $250.00
Connor Duffy $0.00
Michael Edmonson $0.00
Paul Edmonson $0.00
Personal Gift Julie Edsdforth $250.00
Nathaniel Errez $0.00
Chloe Farrell $0.00
Connor Farrell $0.00
Personal Gift David Farrell $100.00
Hannah Farrell $0.00
Stephanie Farrell $0.00
Cory Foulk $0.00
Avery Frankenberg $0.00
Eben Frankenberg $0.00
Personal Gift Sally Frankenberg $500.00
Walker Frankenberg $0.00
Arnaud Gautier $0.00
Elise Gautier $0.00
Personal Gift Emma Gautier $500.00
Andrew Greenshields $0.00
Personal Gift Anna Greenshields $30.00
Personal Gift Ian Greenwood $250.00
Zora Hahn $0.00
Personal Gift Patricia Harrell $200.00
Will Howie $0.00
Darrell Jesse $220.00
Genevieve Joers $0.00
Personal Gift Liz Johnson $30.00
Personal Gift Alex Jordan $1,000.00
John Jordan $0.00
Karen Kent $0.00
Mitch Kent Kent $0.00
Rowan Kent $0.00
Anna Kiem $0.00
Hans-Peter Kiem $0.00
Hannah Kirley $0.00
Sharif Kombo $0.00
Anders Kouhia $0.00
Annika Kouhia $0.00
Glenn Kouhia $0.00
Personal Gift Julie Kouhia $500.00
Personal Gift Mark Kranwinkle $250.00
Personal Gift Peter Kranwinkle $100.00
Personal Gift Rose Kranwinkle $100.00
Personal Gift Tommy Kranwinkle $100.00
Patty Liu $0.00
Mark Maghie $0.00
Tom Maghie $0.00
Personal Gift Alex Malinowski $200.00
Olivia Martins $0.00
Bob Mooney $0.00
Nicole Mooney $0.00
Personal Gift Maria Mueller $60.00
Saleena Murphy $0.00
Personal Gift Tracy Neighbors $100.00
Callan Oki $0.00
Personal Gift Ann Owens $250.00
Personal Gift Daniel Park $30.00
Joseph Piper $0.00
Keenan Piper $0.00
Personal Gift Lisa Piper $100.00
Personal Gift Nithya Ramkumar $300.00
Alex Salkin $0.00
Personal Gift Dheeraj Sarpangal $200.00
Azure Savage $0.00
Personal Gift Lindsey Seidner $50.00
Personal Gift Jack Shephard $200.00
Personal Gift Eve Stacey $200.00
Adam Strigenz $0.00
Personal Gift Joseph Strong $250.00
Personal Gift Dana Swenson $250.00
Personal Gift Helen Teegan $25.00
Penelope Thompson $0.00
Kevin Ting $0.00
Kyle Ting $0.00
Personal Gift Sophie True $100.00
Personal Gift Julia Tsurusaki $250.00
Marcus Tsurusaki $0.00
Jesse VanNewkirk $0.00
John VanNewkirk $0.00
Lucy VanNewkirk $0.00
Personal Gift Christopher Voss $250.00
Elliot Voss $0.00
Personal Gift Abby Wagner $60.00
Laura Welland $0.00
Personal Gift Cale wILL $30.00
Personal Gift Sarah Will $30.00
Ryan Yokel $0.00
David Zhao $75.00
Personal Gift Colleen Zorn $250.00
Max Zorn $0.00
Oscar Zorn $0.00
Scott Zorn $0.00
Team Gifts $8,920.00
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