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I'm the take steps towards a cure type.

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Welcome to Jacob's Pride!

Hello!  I am Jacob Walesh.  I am 14 years old and in 8th grade.  On February 7th, 2011 (the day after the Green Bay Packers won the super bowl) which I missed watching because we thought I was ill with the flu)!  I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I spent the entire day in the emergency room, getting IV fluids and insulin to bring my blood sugar down from 940. A normal blood sugar level is around 100.  I have never felt so terrible!!

Thankfully I am better now; however, I will always (for the rest of my life) have to check my blood sugar 6-8 times a day.  This means that before I can have anything to eat, I have to check my blood sugar, figure out how many carbohydrates are in the food I am about to eat and then give myself a shot.  I have to take insulin before all my meals and before bedtime .  I also can not just go out with my friends and start "chowing down" candy and soda like the rest of my friends.  I have to just watch them eat or dose for a small amount using my pump, which is what I usually do. ; )

I recently got a medtronics pump which I love! I love it because I do not have to carry around all of my insulin supplies, just my pump, which sits on my belt like a pager. I love having the pump around and I hope I never have to go back to the shots.

This year I play for two basketball teams and the track team in Manitowoc. I love playing basketball with my friends and family. At the track meets; I like running the 100 meter and the relays with my friends.  I am pretty fast!!

This year, I'll be taking part in JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes, along with one-half million other walkers across the country, as we try to reach our goal of raising $215,470 at the Green Bay walk.

Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is a devastating disease that affects millions of people, a large growing percentage of them children.

There is some good news, though. JDRF is our best hope for finding a cure. It funds more type 1 diabetes research than any other charity worldwide and it's making progress along many promising paths toward better treatments and a cure.

Now, more than ever, you can make a crucial difference. Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as possible? Together, we can make the cure a reality!

Thank you for reading my personal page and any donation, large or small will be greatly appreciated!! Sincerely, Jacob Walesh:)

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Date and time

May 11, 2013
Check-in: 8:30 AM
Starts: 10:00 AM
Length of walk: 5K


Brown County Fairgrounds
1500 Fort Howard Avenue
De Pere, WI



Dana Paschen
Email | (920) 997-0038

Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
1800 Appleton Road
Suite 2
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