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I'm participating in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes!

Dear Family and Friends,

It?s that time of year again! We are gearing up for our annual Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation?s (JDRF) Walk to Cure Diabetes. With your continued support, we hope to put an end to Type 1 Diabetes and find the cure. Team We Walk 4 Jessica is on the move again!
As many of you know, our Daughter Jessica was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 4 years ago.

That?s her in the picture with her best friend and classmate Kelsey. These two girls are truly an inspiration. They have been best buddies for a couple of years, and now have a bond that most can?t understand. Kelsey is very compassionate when it comes to Jessica?s diabetes. She reminds her to take her sugar and is very understanding if Jessica isn?t feeling well because her sugar is low. Fortunately Jessica has Kelsey in her life and in her 4th grade class to ease the day to day complications of Type 1 Diabetes.
The daily life of a Diabetic is not an easy one. Every day they stop to test their blood up to 10 times. They count each and every carbohydrate they eat, and MUST take life saving insulin every time they eat. Some kids receive injections. Can you imagine having a shot for every meal, every snack, every day? Some kids, like Jessica, are on what is called an Insulin Pump. It makes life a little bit less painful (no daily injections) but they are connected to it 24/7. Insulin is not a cure.
But it is what keeps them alive.
Both Jessica and Kelsey love Cheerleading. They have cheered together for 2 years now, Exercise is very critical to the control of Diabetes. It helps keep the blood sugar down. But there is a fine line. Too much exercise and blood sugar falls, making them very, very sick. But just try to stop Jessica. You?ll find that there is nothing that she can?t do.
However: the most heart wrenching thing is, even with all of our diligence with diet, exercise and tight blood sugar control, they are still, over time, more likely than you and I to develop heart disease, kidney disease, blindness and a host of other issues later in life.
We, as a family, have decided to participate again with JDRF in the AMAZING Walk to Cure Diabetes. This year we will be walking (with hundreds of other participants) at Quinnipiac?s MBA Campus on September 23 and we ask for your help.
There are two ways you can help Jessica:
1. Join our family team, We Walk 4 Jessica, which consists of family and friends who collect donations and walk with us. To join our team, please visit and enter in our team info to find us. Then join in! It?s fun!
2. Send a tax-deductible donation to 77 Chidsey Drive, North Branford, CT, 06471. Please make checks payable to JDRF and add our team name to the memo line. Credit card donations can be made online via and entering our team name. Here is the link to our team page as well

Thank you so very much for your support and we hope to see you walking with us.  Go Team We Walk 4 Jessica!!
Dan, MaryJo, Jessica and Simba!


Date and time

October 5, 2014
Check-in: 8:30 AM
Starts: 10:00 AM
Length of walk: 3 Miles


Quinnipiac University
370 Basset Road
North Haven, CT 06518



Joseph DiMaggio
Email | (203) 248-1880

Greater New Haven Branch
360 Amity Road
Woodbridge, CT 06525