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  • Together we can stop diabetes!

    Together we can stop diabetes!

We will turn Type One into Type None

Dear Team Jewell,  I would lke to take a moment to explain to you why I truly appreciate what you are doing for me! Here is my story:

I start my day waking up no later than 8:00a.m. I have to count my carbohydrates in the food I'm having and I have to check my blood sugar. The amount of carbohyrates I eat and my blood sugar determines the amount of insulin I take in an injection.

During Mid-morning. I go on with my normal routine and hope my blood sugars stabilize, but I may have to stop what I'm doing because I feel shaky, sweaty, tired, hungry, weak, and have blurred vision. Because of these feelings I have to check my blood sugar. I probably have a low blood sugar because of these symtoms and I have to take fast acting sugar so I don't pass out. I might also have a terrible head ache and can't concentrate, this means I should test my blood sugar. It will probably be high. In this case I have to check for ketones (Which tells me if there's acid in my body.) if I do I should take more insulin in an injection, if not I can get my blood sugar down by excercising, or drinking lots of water! If I have acid in my body and it doesn't go away, I can go into a diabetic coma.

Lunch time! Just like breakfast I have to count my carbohydrate intake and check my blood sugar. Then I take another insulin injection. 

Durning Mid-afternoon I do my normal routine and hope my blood sugars are stabilized, if not it's just like mid-morning. I try to keep them under control. It is always a guessing game, I could be doing the right things all day and my blood sugar could go out of wack. This is the time when diabetics ask you to not judge them on how controlled there blood sugars are, sometimes we can't help it! It's confusing and super scary, but we try our best to control it. 

Dinner time! Just like breakfast and lunch I count my carbohydrates and check my blood sugar. Then I take another injection. I can take injections in 4 places; My stomach, my lower back (My 2 favorite places!) My arms (Least favorite place!) and my legs.

I carry on the rest of my day just like before and try to keep my blood sugars under control, not only do they have affect on me now, but also in the future. I constantly have to worry about high blood sugars causing me to have kidney failer, heart desease, and other scary complications that can happen if I don't/can't keep them under control. I also have to worry about low blood sugars causing me to have dementia when I get older. 

At 8:00p.m. I have to check my blood sugar and eat a snack to keep my blood sugars under contorl when I sleep. I take one last injection, the only difference is it is long acting insulin that keeps me under control through out a period of 24 hours. Without this insulin I can ecperience terrible compilcations with my health. 

So that's why we need a cure! 4 shots, 4-10+ finger pokes, constant worry all day, EVERYDAY! Please help us stop this condition so no one else ever has to go through this! 

My biggest fear in life is going to sleep at night, and not waking up in the morning.......but I'm not complaining, because I remember: 

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Thank you so much for your support in my battle with type one diabetes! 

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May 3, 2014
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