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We will turn Type One into Type None

Dear friends,

The day arrived for the annual trek to NC to deposit Alexander at college for another year. This year, on a rainy Saturday in late August I was struck with the reality that this time next year I will be depositing two sons at college, and I tried to stem the rising tide of panic that threatened to overtake me at the thought of Austin heading off to college in one year's time. Where did the time go? Has he learned everything he needs to know to manage his diabetes with vigilance and still enjoy the freedom that college life brings? Will he remember to keep track of all of his medical supplies and have emergency glucose on him at all times? Will his roommate be understanding? And what about those awful nighttime low blood sugars? The dreaded time in the life of every mom of a child with type 1 diabetes has arrived all too quickly. 

And so the quest for a cure continues...and this year JDRF has continued to make tremendous strides in research, thanks to your generous support. I'm excited to update you on two promising research areas that I told you about last year, the artificial pancreas and the encapsulation device. 

The artificial pancreas, which combines an insulin pump with a continuous glucose monitor via sophisticated algorithms housed in a smartphone continues to advance rapidly. Next month a long-term human trial over an 11-14 week period will begin to test unsupervised daily and overnight use of an artificial pancreas system designed to keep blood glucose within a specific range by automatically adjusting insulin delivery. 

In addition, a few weeks ago the FDA approved the launch of a human clinical trial to test the effectiveness of a JDRF-funded encapsulation device. This device is a permeable, protective barrier that will encapsulate newly created islet cells (insulin producing cells) to hide them from the immune system attack. The device is implanted under the skin and will provide insulin independence for 18 months to 2 years. Imagine Austin being able to go for up to 2 years at a time without even thinking about diabetes!

Our research progress has been tremendous, especially in the last 4 years. Four years ago we were only funding 17 human clinical trials; today we are funding more than 50. We currently have $570M in research grants around the world. Many of our trials are multi-year and really depend on consistent funding. Will you help us continue our tremendous research progress and in so doing be a part of the cure?

You can help cure T1D by supporting Team Austin-Strike Out Diabetes at the JDRF OneWalk in 3 ways:
1. Make a contribution to Team Austin on this page or by sending me a check payable to JDRF, marked Team Austin-Strike Out Diabetes.
2. After making your contribution, register to join us on Walk Day-Sunday October 26 at the Art Museum. Festivities kick off at 9:00am. 
3. Forward this email to your friends, sharing the great advances in T1D research and invite them to be a part of the cure as well!

May I also ask you to do one more thing? JDRF funds over $100M every year in diabetes research. In addition, every year for since 1997, the Congress has approved at least $150M in research funding to the NIH through the Special Diabetes Program. Our multi-year, human-based clinical trials depend on the annual re-approval of the SDP. Our tremendous research progress would be significantly slowed down without this funding from the NIH. Would you please join us as a JDRF Advocate today? I promise you the registration is a snap, and JDRF will only reach out to you a couple of times a year (at Senate or House voting times). When you get an email from JDRF Advocacy, you then send an email-that is COMPLETELY set up for you-to your senators or representative. It takes 2 clicks on the computer and it's done! And you get to participate in the functioning of your government! 

Please sign up today at

Thank you for your support. It really is making a difference!

Until there's a cure,
Bonnie, Jon, Austin, Alexander, and Alicia



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October 26, 2014
Check-in: 8:00 AM
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