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  • Avery at Diabetes Camp

    Avery at Diabetes Camp

I'm the take steps towards a cure type.

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Creating a world without type 1 diabetes

On April 5, 2013, shortly after turning 5, our sweet Avery was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  In that moment everything changed.  In that moment, each and every meal, every snack, every morsel of food went from being an afterthought to a serious mathematical calculation.  We had to learn the balance between life sustaining and life threatening.  We learned that we would have to walk that tightrope everyday, multiple times a day, and that our tool would be a medicine called insulin.  A substance my little girl’s body could no longer make.  Not because we fed her the wrong thing or because she didn’t exercise enough.  No, it was just because her body was made to fight things off a little more aggressively, and somehow it got confused and attacked the parts of itself that make insulin.  So now we would have to give her insulin, a substance that could tip us into the realm of “life threatening” if we made any miscalculations.  Oh, and the only way to give it to her was with a needle a minimum of 4 times a day.  And to make sure we were making the right decisions we would have to make our beautiful daughter’s fingers bleed 6, 8, or even more times a day. 

Despite all of this, our family has been able to find miracles in our lives everyday.  We see the miracle that is our bright, resilient, and creative child.  We see the miracle of life, of how the human body works, of the amazing technology that allows us to keep our child alive.  It is because of these miracles that we walk.  We join the JDRF to help support the research that creates these miracles, and hopefully will create many more in the future.  Until, someday, the miracle of a cure will be discovered.  We ask you to join us.  Walk with us, or pledge something, even the smallest amount, to help us make life better for Avery and the countless other children like her. By joining us today, you can help JDRF fund research that impacts the lives of the millions of children, adults, and families challenged by T1D every single day. With your support, we will create a world without T1D and turn Type One into Type None.

And know that the biggest miracle of all is that our Avery not only survives, but she thrives.  

Thank you for being a part of our miracle.


Date and time

September 27, 2014
Check-in: 7:30 AM
Starts: 9:00 AM
Length of walk: 2.5 Miles


Victory Plaza
3030 Olive Street
Dallas, TX 75219



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Greater Dallas Chapter
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