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  • Preston - Diagnosed at age 4, wearing his OmniPod Insulin Pump

    Preston - Diagnosed at age 4, wearing his OmniPod Insulin Pump

We will turn Type One into Type None

Welcome to Team Preston JDRF Walk to Cure Type 1 Diabetes Team Page!

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Preston's Video about his journey with T1D
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Preston was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on November 28, 2011 at the age of 4.  He became very weak, pale, extremely thirsty, irritable and constantly having accidents.  His pediatrician sent us to Childrens Hospital in Dallas where his little body was in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).  Preston stayed at Childrens for 3 days while the Doctors stabilized, treated & monitored him and Mom & Dad learned how to manage this disease.

Diabetes is a 24/7/365 disease - not only do we check his blood sugar during the day 8-10 times, we also get up at least 2 times a night at around midnight and 3 AM to check his blood sugar and give him carbohydrates or insulin, if needed.

When newly diagnosed we gave Preston 4 to 5 shots a day, which he did not like at all!  In March of 2012, Preston started pumping with OmniPod Insulin Pump.  It took some getting used to but he loves it!  He also wears a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) where we can monitor him more closely and see trends so we can tweak his insulin doses to better fit his lifestyle/activities.

Type 1 diabetes cannot be cured and that's why we are walking to raise money to search for ways to prevent, better treat, and ultimately cure type 1 diabetes. We also walk to raise awareness - most people (including myself before Preston was diagnosed) don't know the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Please help TEAM PRESTON as we walk to raise money to FIND a CURE for DIABETES.

  1. Make an online contribution in support of TEAM PRESTON 

  2. Join TEAM PRESTON to walk on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 7:30 AM(Registration) at American Airlines Center, Victory Plaza in Dallas, TX.  Please invite friends, family, co-workers and even your dog.  
  3. Email and invite all your friends, Co-workers, Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help us spread the word.


Please view Preston's Video about his journey with T1D
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Thank you in advance for your support!


The Holzapfel Family
Jon, Amy, Preston, Carson & Grant 


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September 27, 2014
Check-in: 7:30 AM
Starts: 9:00 AM
Length of walk: 2.5 Miles


Victory Plaza
3030 Olive Street
Dallas, TX 75219



Melissa Pinkerton
Email | (214) 764-6770

Greater Dallas Chapter
9400 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1201
Dallas, TX 75231