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  • JDRF Walk 2013

    JDRF Walk 2013

Join me in the fight to cure, better treat and prevent type 1 diabetes!

As many of you know finding a CURE for diabetes hits very close to home for me!!  I have been a Type I Diabetic for almost 13 years now and there is not a day that goes by where I am not reminded of the fact that I have this disease and I must take care of myself or I will suffer from complications related to the disease.  I started out giving myself insulin shots and was then introduced to the insulin pump.  I have been on an insulin pump for 12 years now and love it!  I hear a lot of people say they would never consider a pump because it is a machine that is hooked to your body at all times.  I wear my insulin pump on my my hip and most people do not even notice.  The only time that I unhook from my pump is to take a shower.  Otherwise, it is hooked up to my body 24 hours a day.  The pump is constantly administering insulin to me throughout the day and then when I eat a meal or a snack I have to determine how many carbohydrates I consumed and dial in an appropriate dosage of insulin in my pump.  There is a tube that runs from the pump to underneath my skin and I have to change the site every three days.  I feel as if sticking myself with a needle once every three days is better than having to give myself a shot every time I eat.  The insulin pump is a wonderful piece of technology and I have no complaints about it thus far!!

Along with taking insulin when I eat, I also have to prick my finger at least 4 times a day to determine what my blood sugar is.  I always check it first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed.  Diabetes is a disease that a person can live with but it is definitely something you have to manage very closely in order to stay on top of your blood sugar and keep your numbers in a normal range to prevent complications down the road. 

It breaks my heart to see young children suffering from this disease and having to go through all of this on a daily basis.  I have been blessed with two, beautfiul daughters and it would break my heart if I ever had to see one of them suffer from this disease.  So, I feel it is very important to do what we can to find a CURE for all of the adults and children with Diabetes! 

My family and I have particpated in the Walk to Cure Diabetes for many years and we plan to carry on the tradition again this year.  So, please make a donation and support JDRF! 

Thanks in advance for your continued support and generousity!!



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Date and time

May 10, 2014
Registration: 8:00 AM
Starts: 9:30 AM
Length of walk: 1 mile


Iowa State Fairgrounds
3000 E. Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50317



Tori Lemke
(515) 802-3333

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