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JDRF Walk 2014

There is hope for type one diabetes (T1D) patients like Jimmy. Their hope is based on JDRF’s tireless efforts to fund and find a cure for T1D.  I know you are thinking, “Oh, no this is Chris again asking for money for her St. Mark’s JDRF walk team, Saints for a Cure.”  You are absolutely right!  It is that time of year and I am back again to ask you to please consider making a  donation for Jimmy and the thousands and thousands of others who suffer from this horrible disease.

JDRF is making great strides.  JDRF has the talent for research, but funds are always necessary for clinical studies. There are exciting new possibilities ahead.  JDRF is continuing to work to accelerate the development of artificial pancreas systems. Those systems, already approved for use around the world, could give patients in the United States an opportunity to monitor and administer insulin in a semiautomatic fashion.  Beta cell encapsulated replacement therapy could give sufferers up to two years of independence from insulin.  Smart insulin turns itself on and off when it is needed to simplify daily management of T1D.  Beta cell regeneration to replace damaged cells is another possible hope for the future. JDRF’s ultimate goal is prevention of T1D, but none of the above can be done without your donations. 

As you know, I volunteer one day a week at the Houston Gulf Coast regional office. Working with those dedicated employees to prepare for the walk, the annual gala in the spring,countless school walks, research updates and other events is a sobering experience.  The few hours I spend there each week help, but the needs are great. 

Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated.  No amount is too small.  Besides the dollar value, your check shows support and love for Jimmy and all the others.  You may use the link below to donate to our effort or you can mail a check to me. The one minute video is a moving tribute as well. The moral support is priceless and brings smiles to many faces.  I am depending on you to help Jimmy and bring hope for the future.


Date and time

October 25, 2014
Check-in: 7:30 AM
Starts: 9:00 AM
Length of walk: 5K


Reliant Park
1 Reliant Parkway
Houston, TX 77054



Clara Utley
Email | (713) 334-4400

Houston Gulf Coast Chapter
2425 Fountain View
Suite 280
Houston, TX 77057