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Alyssa's Team

Hello! My name is Kim Russell, I'm writing you this letter to ask you for a donation for my daughter Alyssa who was diagnosed a juvenille diabetic October 2007. Its rough enough just being a teen but she has many other needs that need great attention throughout the day. She can't just eat what she wants and forget about it she has to prick her finger to find out her blood sugar reading, type the amount of carbs she is eating into her pump,  register the reading and gives her the appropriate insulin needed for the food or snack that she eats. And it doens't stop there she has to watch to make sure she stays within a normal limit of a reading of 80 to 100. If to high or to low this can affect her organs for the rest of her life. She goes to her doctor every 3 months for blood work to make sure her A1c is with in range, shes pricks her fingers 3 or more times in a day to get her blood sugar readings, if she gets sick it affects her suger, the stories keep going on. I get up still in the night to check to make sure she is ok, no cold sweats, that she is still breathing like she should.She is now 16 years and she gets a little upset when i ask her if she has checked her sugar, what was it, did she type in your insulin, etc. She is very independent and wants to do it on her own, however, that'll never be. When she goes out without me I make sure the people she is with know she is a diabetic, go over her glucagon (a shot if she goes low and notresponding/letahargic) that she carries in her purse, making sure they know how to use it, that they know the signs of hyper/hypo glycemic. Making sure she has appropriate snacks, water, sugar pills with her and it goes on. I can go on with the diabetes and not be done in a letter, I'm asking that you make a donation to Alyssa's Team when we walk May 18, 2013 to find a cure for juvenille diabetes.  I have participated in this walk for the past 4 years for many reasons:

  Some being:

  • My daughter Alyssa was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes in October of 2007 at the age of 11.
  • A cure needs to be found
  • This is a fun way to help raise money to find a cure

Our goal as a Family Team is to raise $2,000 dollars. We hope to meet and exceed our goal. We would like all the help we can get.

Looking foward to having your donation to help us find a CURE!


Sincerely and Thanking You in advance,


Kim Russell

Alyssa's Team




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Date and time

May 17, 2014
Registration: 9:00 AM - fundraising minimum $100 for free entry to Park
Starts: 10:30 AM
Length of walk: 1 mile


Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
452 E. Christmas Blvd.
Santa Claus, IN 47579



Libby Hogan
(317) 308-4925

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