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Support Henry-Beat the Bridge to Cure Diabetes

    Hello family and friends,

    As you already know, Henry was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when he was three years old.  After a brief stay in Seattle Children's Hospital, during which Henry charmed all the doctors and nurses, we came home determined to work as hard as possible to give Henry the normal life that any little boy deserves. Now, five years later, after countless pokes, injections, infusion set changes, and one ambulance ride, we are happy to report that Henry is doing great.  He is learning more about his disease every day and manages it quite well, with very little complaint.
    The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is one main reason why Henry is doing so well.  The JDRF raises millions of dollars for research every year to improve the lives of people living with Type I, and to eventually find a cure.  These innovations and advancements are so real, that Henry continues to personally benefit from the JDRF every single day.  Without the research of the JDRF, we would need to give Henry up to six injections of insulin a day, just for him to be able to survive.  However, Henry is lucky enough to use an insulin pump, requiring only site changes every two days.  Due to this particular advancement, Henry's teachers and babysitters can administer insulin so that we don't have to be with him every second of every day.  JDRF is always striving to make living with Type I Diabetes easier, so parents like us can sleep through the night without worrying about dangerously low blood sugars.  

    The JDRF hosts the annual Beat the Bridge race to cure Type I Diabetes.  Thousands of people turn out to support this cause each year and we hope that you will consider this as well.  You may decide to join Henry's team, the AI Cuties, and walk with us on May 19 at Husky Stadium.  The AI Cuties is a team of families that have young children with Type I.  Or, you can also support our team by making a donation in Henry's honor.  This year, we are only participating in the fundraising aspect of Beat the Bridge because Abby and Henry are receiving their First Holy Communion on the same day as the race.
    Thank you for considering this cause.  I know that you all have important causes in your life, but this one is very special to us.  Thank you.


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